no. 271 – I Say Tomato…

Alli, from Hoping for Another Baby and a sweet, sweet soul, tagged me ages ago so I thought I’d make good on the tag. However, I realized that it seemed very familiar, and ‘lo! I had completed the very meme in question months earlier!

I love it when a plan comes together.

But I’m afraid my plan came together too well, as I now have been tagged by Jess over at O Mama Mia. And it’s a Word Association Meme. Sounded (looked) easy enough. She gave me 4 words which I would respond with the "first thing that comes to my mind." Of course I’m not going to use the first thing that comes to my mind as you would all be shaking your heads solemnly and conclude, "now would not be a good time to tell DD she sucks".

She said:  MIL     I said:  MILDEW (self-promo plug!)

She said:  Squeeze     I said: "…box.  Daddy never sleeps at night!" (the Who, of course)

She said:  Cheerleader     I said:  Skanky ho (no disrespect meant to any of you skanky ho’s…erm…uh, I meant, cheerleaders)

She said:  eBay     I said:  sheBay

Ok, NOW you can shake your heads and whisper, "she DOES suck…"

The following have now been tagged (and you get your choice of either meme or both):

1.  Alli (obviously, you must do the 2nd meme)

2.  Cricket

3.  Rachel

4.  Julie

5.  Kath

Your 4 words:

1.  Jacket

2.  Bury

3.  Lexus

4.  Pansy

I have to admit, coming up with the new words took more time than creating and completing this post.

5 thoughts on “no. 271 – I Say Tomato…”

  1. I’ll try to do that tomorrow. I have made an effort to not see the words, but I did see the first. You are so obvious in what you were going for, sister.

  2. HA!! I did the MIL just for you, darling! Although one of the other’s I tagged (Isabella), isn’t too terribly fond of hers either. Of course, I’ve introduced her to MILDEW!!
    Thanks so much for playing!!
    Now, I dare you to post your real answers! 🙂

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