no. 345 – Here’s Your Post Holiday DD Fix

Thank goodness that’s over. Christmas – in a word – sucked. In an attempt to keep me from running off to the Himalayas and becoming the first female monk, I have been repeating the mantra, "It is better to give than to receive." And really, the whole situation is so complicated and just plain icky, I’m not going to even bother getting into it here with you.

(collective sigh of relief)

Did somebody say Meme? Nico? S? Suz?

(collective groan of dread)

First Lines: Year 2006 in Review. The following is a list of the first line from the first post of each month in 2006, including the titles. In general, I found this meme rather depressing:

January – [PSYCH ! !] I’m sorry if I scared any of you with the initial tone of my last post.

February – [Oh, The Possibilities] My appointment with the PA was anything BUT typical.

March – [Forward sl-HO?] I am home from work today due to sleep deprivation and an unrelenting migraine.

April – [Apparently, I Suck] Remember the niece who recently announced her pregnancy?

May – [No. 176 – A.R.T.?! Bah! Who Needs it?] – As the reality of my fertile-now-infertile status soaks into my head (and heart), I have been struggling with finding the “bright side” of it all.

June – [No. 199 – Where I Say the Dirty 5-Letter "R" Word] Well, it’s officially been a year.

July – [No. 222 – Battle of the Sexes #7,206] It’s Monday.

August – [no. 241 – 43.0%] That’s the percentage of Mr. DD’s DNA fragmentation index on the semen sample.

September – [no. 263 – Rummage] I’m on vacation.

October – [no. 284 – Commercialism] At what point should I think my son watches too much TV?

November – [no. 308 – Inservice] I am no longer preparing for tomorrow’s news.

December – [no. 329 – So, They Are Not Normative] D’ya smell that?




Jessie, I’ll get back to you on yours. Yes, I noticed, ya shit.

3 thoughts on “no. 345 – Here’s Your Post Holiday DD Fix”

  1. I’m a shit? Little ol’ me? 😉 Just trying to give you things to focus on.

    I’m sorry your weekend sucked. I have an entire bottle of rum and an entire bottle of brandy left here. Wanna join me??

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