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no. 454 – Birth Day

Taking a break from my break to announce  a special birthday.

Some of you remember Suzanne from Palatial Squalor? She had a blog some time ago which documented her infertility-sentence including several IUIs, a couple of IVFs and eventually Donor Egg. We went through our IVFs at the same time, at the same clinic. We both lost our pregnancies from IVF #1 within weeks of each other. We went to the same loon of an acupuncturist. Ahhhh, the memories.

After she got pregnant with the donor egg cycle she decided to shut down her blog (hence, no link), but we had many email exchanges over that time. She made me laugh out loud at her stories and observations on life in general. Here is just one blurb that occasionally runs through my head in the middle of the day and makes me smile:

My mother in law sent us an email the other day wanting to know if we were ready for the baby and warning us that having a baby was going to be a drastic change to our lifestyle.  Oh really???  Wow, there’s some profound insight, thanks.  I felt like telling her that it would not in fact impact our lifestyle as I’m pretty sure that tiny toddler hands are excellent for packing the bong and mixing martinis. 

Damn, I miss her writing…

So anyway, in the wee morning hours on May 30th, Suzanne gave birth to her little girl, E. I received an email from her husband announcing the time and method, and that both his girls were doing very well, but he didn’t give the all important statistical data: weight and height.

Judging by the pictures, I’d say she’s came in close to the suspected weight of 8lbs plus. Since Suzanne is a petite woman with a marathon runner’s body, I can only imagine that the eventual c-section was a blessing.

Congratulations, Suzanne and T. on the arrival of your beautiful daughter.

no. 453 – A Link To Save

Before I get wrapped up in the other distractions, I received this link to an article that came out this weekend in The Globe: Burying the Unborn.  The lovely and intelligent lady who sent me this also contributed significantly to the article, but it’s not a name you will recognize (but there is a name in the article many of you will).

Feel free to post your opinion in comments or through your own blog, and even if you have no opinion either way, please do read the article. I am touched that this person thought enough of me and my journey so far, to send this article to me. And before you think I’m letting my head get too big, I know I wasn’t the only person, but to be included? Wow. Seriously. I am honored.

Thank you, Anonymous.

If you are joining late, please see the prior post.

no. 452 – No News…

It’s only Monday, and a holiday at that, and my week is already tuning itself up into a fevered pitch. Why does everything have to happen at once?

Anyway, this is a short note to let you know I’m not going to be around my computer much for the next several days except to possibly cuss at it and throw out the occasional finger here and there. There’s Good Computer Time and Bad Computer Time.

This appears to be the week for Bad CT.

I’ll try to update later this week, but it will probably be June before I log into typepad again.