no. 455 – Nuts. I Hate Nuts.

It’s been an interesting week, to say the least. I don’t know a good place to start so let’s just get to the crux of why most of you are here.

Yes, I am technically pregnant.


For those of us keeping score (like me), this is Round No. 5.

The HPTs were positive starting on day 11. My first beta was 50 on day 13. My second beta was 100, which was Thursday.  Betas are blood tests to measure the pregnancy hormone, hCG, in the blood. The second betas are usually done 48 hours later to check to see if the levels have doubled. A doubling beta is a good sign – relatively speaking (relative to those who aren’t at risk because of Early Pregnancy Loss. You know? Like yours truly?).

Early this week I had a visit to the urgent care clinic, and then another visit to the emergency room, coincidently enough, right after my beta draw yesterday. Both trips were prompted by the same kind of anomaly: hives. It’s a long story, but know that as of today I am 100% hive-free.

I am now on the following drug regimen:

  • prenatal vitamins
  • folic acid
  • baby aspirin
  • pepcid
  • vistaril
  • betamethasone

The first three are pregnancy related; the last three are for the hives.

Missing from my daily drug cocktail is the PIO. My progesterone level was 98 yesterday. Yes, that is high in case you were wondering. Problematic? That’s unknown but it may be the cause of the hives. It may not. In any case I don’t have to do the PIO for the next few days, but will have another blood draw on Tuesday to check the progesterone again. There won’t be another beta, which makes me almost believe the staff at the clinic when they said my numbers looked solid.

When I got an email from a fellow blogger who knew that my beta was positive, that said, " I won’t say the "C" word yet but just know that I’m happy for you, " it took me several minutes to realize she did NOT mean the C-word that ends with U-N-T. So please follow her lead. You can call me that C-word, but you can’t say the C-word.

So…that’s it in a nutshell. Written by a nut-case.

(Side note to the fellow coworker: no one in real life knows. NO ONE. And I would appreciate it if it would stay that way until I’m ready to tell. It shouldn’t come from you.)