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no. 456 – Miss Manners Needs a Blog

I have a minor conundrum and need some advice. I’d write a letter to Miss Manners if 1) I knew she would respond; and 2) I got the newspaper that ran her articles. Plus, my problem isn’t quite as high-brow as she normally tackles.

As I have mentioned, I am planning a shindig for my 40th Birthday next month. There will be fireworks involved and I’m not talking about bottle rockets and black cats. We have a friend who is a professional pyrotechnician and has verbally committed to being available that night. We have only a few neighbors since we are technically "in the country". Because of the distance and the layout of the land, we actually cannot see any of our neighbors’ houses (except a couple of roof-peaks here and there).

We were wondering if we should invite those neighbors we don’t know very well, even though I have stressed to my husband I am not inviting every TomDickandHarry we have ever crossed paths with because I want it to be a very informal and I’d prefer that as little introductions be necessary as possible. Mr. DD thinks we should invite them since things will probably be noisy and there will be a lot of activity in the area.

I’m of the opinion that we just send out a little note that states there will be a party and there will be the aforementioned noise and activity so they can have a heads up. Mr. DD thinks that sending the note would be a bit like rubbing their face in it. A "I’m having a party! And you’re not invited!" kind of thing.

I’m concerned that if I invite the neighbors that I will feel responsible for making introductions and getting them hooked up in the appropriate groups if they do decide to show up.

What would you do?