no. 467 – Overall? Successful

Thank you to everyone who offered your suggestions or comments regarding The Maternal Heart’s Essence. I believe in its purpose and will continue to maintain and update it when possible.

My botox treatment went smoothly. I now have a few months in front of me where I don’t have to Aftrbtxlook in the mirror shortly after I wake up and see the number "11" creased between my brows much like one gets from having the sheets pressed into the side of the face. I must worry a lot in my dreams. Here’s an after. Yes, I am frowning, but the flash mixed with the results eliminates those lines. I should probably take care of those eyebrows before a caterpillar attacks my face in a jealous rage.

I had what I would consider a great success at the antique show. I wanted to find something that would provide bench seating under the window at the far end of my kitchen. I needed something substantial that could possibly provide storage. I found this at one of the first booths. It was the right height to provide comfortable seating. It was long at 6 feet, just slightly shorter than the window area. Best of all? $40.

I know it doesn’t look like much, but once I get done with it by sanding off the top to the bare pine and adding a honey varnish to the top; shimming and squaring the corners and drawers; and finally staining the sides with either a blue or red stain, it will be a very functional piece to fill that empty space. For the side that is open I will either find some baskets or maybe add a shelf and store my landscaping books there. I plan on keeping X’s artwork and supplies in the drawers.

On a down note I found out that Mr. DD’s niece, the one who will be spending considerable time with us at the beach house in SC is 3 months pregnant. If I hadn’t lost Wolf, I wouldn’t have been able to go to the beach since it was my due date. If I hadn’t lost this last pregnancy, I might have been told no flying. Someone is sure doing their damnedest to make sure I go on this trip. But do they have to go to such extremes?