no. 473 – Vacation. It’s All I Ever Wanted.

Beachrebel2007_097 Miss me?


Well then. I won’t share all the wonderful pictures from our trip…

Or write an overly long post about our adventures while away…

Oh, hell. Who am I kidding? I’m going to do both!

Friday night we spent in an Omaha hotel since our flight left at 7:00 a.m. Saturday. Unfortunately, the hotel’s breakfast bar didn’t open until 6:30 a.m. I had to make due with an overpriced and bitter mocha from one of the airport’s kiosks.Beach22007_043

Saturday’s flight was uneventful except for our layover in Minneapolis where we had to walk by the child’s play area and listen to X try to whine, beg, cajole, threaten and bully us into letting him play there. Our layover wasn’t long enough to allow him this little luxury, however because of the afore mentionedBeachrebel2007_164 whining, it seemed as if the layover was no less than an eternity.

After we landed in Mirtel Beech [spelling deliberate], SC, our ride – Mr. DD’s sister, Bessie – picked us up and took us to her beach house located in Serfsyde. We spent the rest of the day at their pool.Beachpost

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday were generally a repeat of themselves: breakfast; load up the golf cart with a full cooler, snacks, drinks, chairs and umbrellas; spend the first part of day at the beach; spend the rest of the afternoon/evening at the pool.

[Image removed for privacy] One exception was our visitors on Monday: Erin of PCOS, Baby and her 3yr old son, P. Erin is an incredibly lovely young lady (I stress the Young so when you look at the pictures you won’t wonder who the geriatric woman is sitting to her right. Yeah. That’d be me.), and her son is so sweet and cute and charming and listening to him tell me the kinds of dinosaurs he brought with him made me giggle.

Erin described X as "energetic", which made me laugh since he pretty much climbed the walls (and chairs, and sofas) during their all-too-short stay. She’s got good PR, that Erin.

[Image removed for privacy] When we sat on the porch in our white wooden rockers while the boys relaxed to a movie, Mr. DD showed up after a brief errand with my early birthday present. One of these! In fact, most of the pictures we ended up taking were done with it and I have to say, it totally is The Shits. And I mean that in the most excellent way.

P picked out a scrumptious cake for Erin to bring with her, which we sang Happy Birthday over and Beachrebel2007_120I imbibed in two pieces (that night, anyway. X and I enjoyed the rest over the next couple of days).

Wednesday we spent the afternoon at one of the water parks. The first thing X wanted to do was go down one of the giant slides and I feared that after climbing up all those stairs X would change his mind at the top. Instead as he readied himself on the foam toboggan in the track next to Mr. DD’s own toboggan, X said to his Dad, "Show me what you got!" and away they went. I waited at the bottom in preparation for damage control but instead when he finally splashed to a stop, he jumped up and yelled, "Let’s do it again!"Beachrebel2007_110

Thursday we were taken on our own version of a 3-hour tour by Mr. DD’s niece’s husband, Joseph,  in his eighteen-footer. We anchored just off a large sand bar and had a picnic, collected some shells and marveled at how impossibly blue the sky was.

Beach22007_041_2 Friday, we found ourselves at the beach for the early part of the day and then just the three of us went to a putt-putt course as our final hurrah at the beach.  When X passed out back at the house, we did some preliminary packing in preparation for our afternoon flight on Saturday.

I only missed blogging at night when Bessie would warm up her laptop in the evenings. I even sneaked onto my Reader.Google in the middle of the night and responded to a few emails, but I didn’t dare click through to anyone’s blog even though I deleted the history and double-checked that I had logged out of my email, so paranoid was I.

I won’t go into the nuances (like how I lost my wallet with several hundred dollars in it; or the Beach22007_025 conversations I had with the pregnant niece; or the crazy level of conservatism in Bessie’s husband; or the ongoing hive saga) in this post. I want it to be about the fun we had. The blessed relief from infertility, miscarriages, and even blogging. My vacation was exactly what a summer vacation to the beach should be. I am tanned and five pounds heavier, no small thanks to that yummy cake. I finished two novels on the beach. I smiled. I laughed. I went through a week feeling relatively normal.

Beachrebel2007_173 It was just what I needed, and it makes coming home feel so much better.

34 thoughts on “no. 473 – Vacation. It’s All I Ever Wanted.”

  1. I couldn’t figure out why I hadn’t read this before until I realized that it was posted 5 days after my daughter was born – so sorry I’m a little slow on the uptake here.
    Sounds like a good vacation but this summer has been more memorable, no?

  2. I have been reading your blog and missed you when you were away. You have been through so much. Glad you had a good time and fun on the lovely Carolina coast.

  3. It is sooooooo nice to get away and not think about miscarriage/ttc for a while, isn’t it?

    Besides, we all know that if you simply relax, you will get pregant again in no time, right?

  4. WONDERFUL!!!! (though I’m so curious about the crazy left out parts and admire your restraint!!!)
    Thanks for sharing it with us!

  5. What a lovely break! I’m glad you felt a bit more ‘normal’ for a while (though I think each person’s reality is what is normal for them). And I agree that you don’t look that old either.

  6. *Definitely* missed you. I am so glad to hear you had such a nice time. The pics are fabulous. Making me want a vacation of my own!

  7. I am sooooooo glad you had a wonderful time (and am not the least little bit jealous, no I am not).

    Only a few more days till our shared birthday bashes! Well, mine will be significantly more low-key than yours, but I will raise a glass and toast you on that day.

  8. Pop over to my blog to see almost an identical photo of son#1 many moons ago…very weird that we also are headed to North Mirtle 😉 in a couple weeks. That is where my guys photo was taken too. This will be our 6th trip there MYB area, Surrfside :)once) over the years,, we always have fun–. OHN

  9. It was so great getting over there–and the fact that X wore out P is very impressive! P hasn’t stopped talking about it since we came back, mostly about almost losing his dinosaurs on the beach and playing with X in the pool.

    It sounds like the rest of the week was great! I think we passed by the water park on our way up to North Myrtle, and I can see why X would have had so much fun. It looked wonderful!

  10. Welcome back! Your vacation sounds divine. Glad you had a good time. For the record, I’m still looking at the pic of you and Erin and looking for the geriatric lady. You’re both gorgeous!!

  11. So glad to hear you had such a lovely and relaxing vacation. That’s a great camera! Enjoy and take lots of fabulous pictures in good health.

  12. Wonderful! I loved the pictures and X looked like he had a great time. I think a week at the beach is good for the soul. Did you like the books you read? I haven’t heard of the first and I’ve been pondering the second.

    Welcome back! I did miss you!

  13. You and Erin could be sisters!

    Looks like a great time was had by all. Where was the beach? Looks really nice, all sand, no rocks . . .

  14. Dear DD, that sounds wonderful! I’m so glad it was such a good getaway. Those pictures are great — the shits indeed! Yes, in fact I did miss you. In a worse way from my usual missing-DD way.

  15. I’ve missed you so selfishly I have to say – I am glad you had a wonderful trip, but I am so happy to have you back. It sounds like a lovely time was had. Happy belated birthday! I hope the recovery from vacation is swift and that the memories and the feelings of vacation – other than that crappy one of losing the wallet stay with you for quite a while.

  16. Sounds like a wonderful trip, DD, and some great photos, especially the one of you and Erin with your boys, you all look very happy. Good to have you back.

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