no. 508 – Rock On Round Robin!

I was lamenting not that long ago that I hadn’t been nominated for the Rockin’ Girl Blogger Award (meme) when of course what do you think happens? I get nominated twice.

I wonder if I can apply the same coincidental forces lamenting about not being pregnant and then getting pregnant with twins…

Hmmmmmm. Yeah, I don’t think so since I’ve been lamenting about that for years and lookie-see, I got nothin.

First I was nominated by Artblog who described me as "perfectly funny, perfectly mad, sometimes sad, very often naughty and always glad, now moving on to Donor! Never miss a post!"

Then Mary Ellen nominated me with this: "Her blog always makes me smile.  I love her wit and her snarkiness.  I am just sorry that I didn’t find her sooner."

Aw, shucks, you two. I feel all squishy now.

While I was giving consideration as to who I would nominate, Kim threw in a wild card and hit me with the Seven Deadly Sins Quirks/Habits Meme. I can’t believe I have to narrow it to seven.

  1. I cannot stand to see dirty clothes peeking out of the hamper and will bother to open the lid, flip them gingerly back inside even though I will be emptying it.
  2. I hate nuts. All kinds and in all manner.
  3. I can take any song’s lyrics and make it about me or a situation related to me.
  4. I refuse to run over the toads and field mice when mowing and will wait for them to pass and find safety before continuing.
  5. All kitchen doors and dresser drawers in my house must be fully closed before I can leave in the morning.
  6. I have to intentionally prevent myself from having the last word in a conversation.
  7. I sleep with earplugs every night.

Now here’s where it gets interesting (ha!). I’m supposed to nominate 5 other Rockin’ Girl Bloggers per meme and 7 others for that last one. 17 people I have to nominate. 

I saved those of you I have already tagged at one time or another from more torture and eliminated you first. Then I went through my infertility subscriptions and picked five that haven’t been nominated (that I could see) and five with the same criteria from my pregnancy subscriptions.

Rockin_girl_blogger Here is the first five tagged and they must now tag five other Rockin’ Girl Bloggers:

  • Heather (BigP and Me) – Just a sweet gal who has been through several IUIs and is always there with kind words and encouragement.
  • Jitters (Relaxing in the Parlor) – Full of vim and vigor and is the scrappy bitch you want next to you in a cat fight. After her third IVF, she’s revving up for an Ethiopian adoption.
  • Millie (Out Damned Egg! Out I Say!) – She is so smart and I remember the first time I commented there she replied with a hearty "welcome!". She’s an incredible source for donor embryos and has always been willing to answer my questions.
  • Pamplemousse – She is my Scottish Rock and if she tells me it’s all going to be OK, I know it’s all going to be OK. Soon she’ll be heading to Capetown for a donor egg cycle.
  • Patience (The Impatient Patient) – Every time I go to Patience’s blog and I see that caricature from the Simpsons, I inwardly hope that Patience at least shaves her legs. She’s real and pulls no punches. Play nice and she may even give you the password to her Sekrits.

Rockin_girl_blogger_2 The second five tagged and required to tag five other Rockin’ Girl Bloggers:

  • Adrienne (Max’s Mommy) – What can I say about Adrienne besides the fact I believe she’s my good luck charm? No pressure, right? She’s made it to 10 weeks and I think of her every time I see my son’s book, Where the Wild Things Are, on the shelf.
  • Catherine (Everything is Under Control) – The posts this woman writes are powerful, intelligent, and from the gut. I never wonder if she censors her emotions regarding God, her stillbirths or her pregnancies. Her baby Myles is due in December.
  • Monica (A Pregnancy After A Stillbirth) – She answers the unasked questions quietly but with passion and love. She keeps a beautiful journal on her current pregnancy, due in about a month, as a tribute to her first son, Jimmy.
  • Sami (A Cop, A Nurse, 3 6 Dogs, and Maybe Baby?) – Truly admirable in her persistence and fortitude after facing loss after loss after loss. She doesn’t just keep her wishes to herself; she wishes the best for everyone as I do for her and her son due at the end of September.
  • Vanessa (Twisted Ovaries) – Her posts are the dangerous and addictive combination of hilarity and gut-punches. I’m sure if someone told her the middle ground was the easiest, she would laugh and say, "The middle ground is for pussies!" She’s just a couple weeks shy of hitting the final trimester.

The Lucky Seven are from my parenting subscriptions that must complete the Seven Weird Habits and then meme another seven:

  • Jess (Life As I Knew It Has Changed) – Outdoors lovin’ Montana Mom to two adorable boys.
  • Menita (Life’s Jest-Book) – A beautiful journal going back to 2004 of how her life changed with first a daughter and then a son.
  • Ms. Prufrock (Barren Albion) – Queen of Snark. That’s all I can say. Love her and her Princess, both.
  • Statia (Not About You) – President of Snark. Yes, there is a difference. The Pres is here in the U.S. and the Queen is overseas. Someday her son will probably impeach her.
  • Steph (Lawyer Mama) – Another attorney? You bet. I’m attracted to those smarty pants types, plus it helps that her two boys are pretty dang cute.
  • Suz (Within the Woods) – She has one of the most unbelievable pregnancy journey I have ever read. Watching her identical twins grow up before my eyes has been a privilege.
  • Well-Heeled Mom (Stiletto) – A true rocker: bikes, tattoos, and bitch-kicking shoes (also living in Montana). Her son who she adopted from Guatemala is destined to be a famous sports figure, he’s just that damned talented.

This should give everyone a chance to read someone new and with interesting and similar stories.

And you pretty freakin read these because that whole elimination thing was a real pain in my ass. This also means that you damn well better complete these memes keeping in mind I won’t tag you again until I’ve hit up everyone.

I may have felt squishy earlier, but now I’m just cranky…again.

14 thoughts on “no. 508 – Rock On Round Robin!”

  1. I’m just catching up, but I had good reason to be away (not a good reason like “Macy’s Labor Day Sales” or anything posh like that, but, you know). I’ll try to make a list. I can’t believe I made a list myself. I can barely fit my ego in that “Name and URL” section of your comments now.

    PS-and you DO know me. I would so totally say that the middle ground is for pussies, right after offending a fair few people 🙂

  2. Yes, I am so cool now that I have your approval!!

    I accept your challenge and I raise a peanut butter smeared spoon in your honor as I think of you and eat my “ground beef” out of the jar…

  3. Well I thought I was pretty well read, but there are a couple in there I don’t get to.

    I imagine you’d be pretty exhausted after all that nominating!

  4. Aw, you made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside – as much as a trashy mouthed, tattooed up biker chick can feel!

    I’ll have to work on this one….

  5. Stupid thing, posting this twice, my apologies. I also wanted to thank you for the free advertising, as a mention on your blog always makes my stats shoot up. You really are that powerful.

  6. Congrats!

    I never get anything like this, so I’d like to thank you, first and foremost. You’ve allowed me to refer to you as a “cunt” in your very own comments section, so for you to still nominate me is a marvel. Of course I was kidding, but women far less graceful than you might have taken it the wrong way.

    I would also like to thank the role sleeplessness, an internet addiction, swedish fish, and the sweet baby Jesus had in all of this.

    Peace, I’m out!

  7. I’m sure he’s already plotting to impeach me.

    Now I have to nominate. Because like you, I didn’t get around to doing it and then got nominated twice.


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