11 thoughts on “no. 519 – Calculi Calculus”

  1. That’s why men don’t give birth. I have some hydrocodone. I can’t take it because it makes me feel like I’m dying, which is not cool. I’m always on the make for Vicodin though.

  2. Poor Mr. DD. I had a kidney stone while I was 8 months pregnant. They had to give me morphine. The pain was INSANE! And when it passed, it was the size of a small pebble. Evil, evil kidney stone!

  3. Love the picture to go along with the dimensions you describe. I know the holes and tubes inside us(don’t you love my scientific talk?) are small, but seriously? That much drama over something so small?

    And I still have my vic.odin I got after having my baby and I’m not afraid to use it!

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