5 thoughts on “no. 531 – If I Had A Million Dollars”

  1. We went straight to IVF anyway because I was skeptical of Clomid (with, it turned out, reeeeally good reason). All of our delays had to do with my body refusing to cooperate with the process, so all the money in the world wouldn’t have helped.

    I could have gone on cool vacations between cycles, though, so that would have been nice.

  2. Ok, I’m not infertile, and I actually think it would probably take the super rich paris hilton’s of the world the same amount of time as everyone else…

    BUT, If I were actually super rich and a paris hilton type, I’m sure I’d ‘think’ it would take me a lot less time because of all my resources, etc…. so that’s the button I pushed.

    Sometimes I overthink these things too much, no?

  3. Can I add 2 answers. Wait, 3. I would be able to adopt very quickly and not have to go through any of the paperwork crap becasue I am righ and therefore must bea great person. Secondly, I would go to the French & heck, Italian Riveria for a year & fly back & forth on my private jet with my poodle by my side. FInally, I would go straight to donor egg.

    Yes, a million dollars would make me happy & yes, money does affect treatment.

  4. I said the same amount of time, because so far, most of my treatment has been covered by the government, and I still had multiple losses.

    Poor diagnosis and stupid doctors still cause most problems IMO. In every country and under every insurance system, from what I read. But I may be too cynical at this point…

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