no. 542 – I Prefer Mine Lemon With Poppy Seeds

Here you go, my very own version of muffin top. Who wants to take me up on a dare? Let’s see YOUR delicious muffin top. I certainly think anyone who is Australian or has any ties to Australia should partake since it seems that the term originated there. Who knew?

I know that maybe if I wore a size bigger jeans, I wouldn’t find myself in this "condition". The thing is though, I bought these jeans just last year when they didn’t create such attractive results, so dammit, I’m not buying new jeans again.

Muffin_top_2If you get brave and post a picture, let me know in comments.

I would like to thank a dear friend, who will remain anonymous (Jitters), for sending me pictures of hers. However, I had to wonder if she was mocking me for sending me pictures of her abdomen that were taken while running a marathon.

You should note, this will be the only belly shot you will see posted here. Revel in its flabbiness.

19 thoughts on “no. 542 – I Prefer Mine Lemon With Poppy Seeds”

  1. Hmmm… I’m a proud card-carrying muffin-top owning Aussie! Dubious honour to be sure – but I have to say my muffin top is bigger than yours, ner ner ner ner ner…

  2. Mine is STILL bigger than yours…. Plus my shots were motion shots were it was moving around….thank god my inlaws could not get the recorder to work that day.

    Note to some of the folks above….I have a muffin top and am NOT pregnant…so there.

  3. Good for you for posting this! Maybe I will post mine, once I get past the u/s next week…and we are one step closer to bringing a baby home again.

  4. You are one brave, brave woman. I’ve had one as long as I can remember but I don’t have the nerve to post a pic of mine. Hopefully you’ll just take my word for it. LOL.

    FWIW, I think it should be classified as a “mini” muffin top. Definitely not full blown.

  5. You crack me up!! I will not be taking pics of my belly anytime soon. I too have a pretty consistent muffin top (thanks to my stress eating). I could have taken one of the rep.ronex reactions/hives all around my belly button, but those are gone now. I hope these next 2 weeks fly by for you!

  6. Um,

    I’d post a gratuitous belly shot, but you’d hate me for it. Card carrying scrawny chick here. I blame it on the lack of pregnancy.



  7. I am going to wait and combine the muffin top/belly shot/Lovenox bruise-fest into one picture.

    Assuming, of course, that I ever get pregnant again and miraculously make it to the point where I actually have a belly.

    Right now the muffin top and the acupuncture bruises are just not poignant enough.

  8. Oh the muffin top…brave girl for posting yours (although you look pretty darn good girlie). Mine is ever present – even without the jeans. Just the way I am built (okay, also the way I eat). You will not find me posting mine on my blog. Nope. Sorry. I will share a lot but not that.

  9. My wife doesn’t want her belly pics sent around…she’s 33 weeks pregnant, so I think now is the time.
    And mine looks like a hairy bagel…isn’t that attractive.
    Also, I’d never heard “Muffin top” we called it “Dunlapped disease” Where your belly done lapped over your belt.
    I’m from the hollar…

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