Sweet Memories

Last night, Mr. DD and I talked about what kind of candy we loved to get when we were kids trick-r-treating. We talked about Slo Pokes, Bit-O-Honey, Twin Bings, Sixlets and Pixy Stix and the memories we had surrounding them.

It was XBoy’s attempt at eating a Pixy Stix that brought back that sense of nostalgia. He would lick the paper and sugar would get clumpy and block the straw and we would have to remind him not to touch the paper with his mouth. It didn’t really sink in.

I remember it took me a while to perfect the pouring of the contents onto my tongue and I would try to get as much as I could out and into my mouth at once. Then I would let saliva do the work for me and by the time I had finished 20 pixy stix, the roof of my mouth would be raw from the crystalline sugar.

Mr. DD also brought home a bag of licorice the other day. I enjoyed taking a bite out of each end and using it as a straw for my Pepsi. Then when the licorice straw was good and hard from being exposed to the cold liquid, I would blissfully chew that up as well.

Now you are probably saying to yourself, “Gawd! It’s no wonder you’re packing on the pounds, DD!” as you read this, but to be honest, it’s been a splurge to have all that crap in the house lately. It brings back so many fun memories of homemade costumes for Halloween; how my mom would keep all the candy in plastic garbage can in the cellar to keep mice out of it; and even trips to the 50-seat movie theatre in my home town, destroyed and gutted long ago.

Those were such wonderful and innocent times. Even the wrappers were different. Hershey bars had foil and then the paper wrapper. Today the two are combined so there is no more small foil airplanes to craft. Packages today require a handy pair of kitchen shears or at least a good set of teeth and two free hands to rip what must be NASA approved paper.

Just looking back 30 years, it’s easy to see why our grandparents reminisce about the “good old days”.

Is there any one candy or sweet that brings back fond memories of your childhood?