Focus on the Random

Have you ever had a thought or a plan in your head for so long, you were sure that you had discussed it out-loud to your partner, or at least to the other person(s) involved in that plan?

Obviously I have or I wouldn’t have asked the rhetorical question.

Mr. DD called me on his way to The Metro to provide the sperm to what I hope is a cache of eggs from our donor. While we are both incredibly nervous about what will happen, he is ever the optimist going so far to say, “I just hope we don’t end up with triplets.”

First of all…doesn’t he remember all the times before where he would say shit like that and jinx the whole damn cycle?! GGRRRrrrrrrr….

(shake it off, DD. shake it off)

I told him that triplets is going to be highly unlikely since the most I will have transferred is two, depending on quality. For some crazy-ass reason, he thought I was going to have four transferred. I think it’s because men only process every other word in most any statement:

Mr. DD, each recipient is guaranteed a minimum of four eggs from the donor on each cycle.

What he heard:

Mr. DD, you are guaranteed at least four babies from this cycle.


Last night we had to do our first PIO shot for the cycle. I started off whining about how big the needle appeared to be it didn’t seem like the right size are you sure it’s the right size what’s the next size up what’s the next size down, etc., etc.

Mr. DD asked just how many of these do we need to do?

I said it depends on whether or not I get pregnant, and if I do, it will be for a loooo-ooo-ong time.

He just wanted to know how many more days of bitching he will need to tolerate.


During the preparation of the PIO, Mr. DD said,

I don’t know why we bother. I don’t think that stuff helps.

I tried to explain in a calm and reasonable manner that since I did not ovulate, my body will not produce any progesterone and without the progesterone there would be no pregnancy.

While I may have been calm on the exterior, I was focusing on his throat and my fingers were twitching.


I will have to do the next couple of PIO shots on my own. After Mr. DD leaves the clinic, he will be meeting up with a couple of friends of his to go to Kansas to race his R. C. Cars in some regional race thing. I talked to his friend on the phone last night and told him to watch out for Mr. DD as he may feel like cuddling or even a nap after providing a sample so I asked him to be gentle. Yes, this friend knows what’s going on.

Mr. DD will return late Sunday night just in time for Freak-Out No. 52,116 prior to the scheduled transfer Monday morning.


I had scheduled a seating with a professional photographer so we could have a new family portrait made out, just in time for the holiday cards (’cause I know how much you all love the holiday pictures!!), but yesterday I cancelled it.

It was scheduled for Friday, November 16th.

You do the math.


Speaking of holiday cards, I’m looking forward to another card exchange like last year. Think about it before you rush to answer, “Fuck, no way!”.

This means you, DinoD.