That’s Disappointing

I finally got a call this morning from the clinic…while I was in the shower…so they left a voice mail message.

We got four eggs. Not what I would consider over-achieving in regards to both the donor and the clinic. Now I understand that their guarantee was four eggs, but that’s the minimum. If I had to have a C- average to graduate from college with a degree and that’s exactly what I put into it, wouldn’t you feel my quality of education was not stellar even though I technically passed? Would you want a C- surgeon operating on you even though he’s got a degree?

I had considered that the worse case scenario would be that there would be no fertilization. Now I think that since the likelihood there will be nothing to freeze after Monday is likely, THAT has now become the worse case scenario. At least I would know where I would have stood if there had been no fertilization…

I should mention that only three fertilized normally.

So there you have it.

By the way, when I relayed this update to Mr. DD he said he was disappointed since we had been told that there looked to be about 12 follicles. I reminded him that those have to be split between two recipients.

Guess what?

He said he didn’t know that there was two recipients.

You know what else?

This sure would be a whole lot easier if I didn’t feel like I was doing it all by myself.

To add to the overall feeling of complete alienation, last night I really struggled with giving myself the PIO shot. I walked around the house for over 45 minutes with the syringe in my hand trying to psyche myself up. I resorted to calling Mr. DD for emotional support.

He apologized and said, “I’m sorry, but I don’t know what you want me to say.”

Thanks, dear husband.

Thanks, for nothing.