It’s another update and miraculously, it’s not more bad news.

With a twist.

The fourth egg went ahead and fertilized some time yesterday and now today they are “all meeting their milestones in development” (as if they were actually six month old babies…as if).

Again, I missed the call. Just a voice mail. After I listened to it, I irrationally burst into tears.

Now I admit that all my cycles turn me into an overemotional wreck, but this one could seriously do some long-term damage. The dollars; the waiting; the realization that we’re at the end of the journey…these all make me eyeball my bottle of hydroxyzine with longing.

Speaking of drugs, the clinic normally provides a script for valium. It’s only a hand-full, but it helped to float out the 24 hours bed-rest on a cloud of cotton candy. When I called the clinic back, I was told they would provide the valium at the hospital. I suppose that will mean one for the procedure and one for the road – literally. Stingy bastards.

Yes, well. I have nothing more to add.

Transfer tomorrow morning at 10:30 CST.

As for how many will be transferred? I guess we’ll wait and see how they look tomorrow. I’m leaning towards doing them all. The last thing I want to do after a failed fresh transfer, is prepare for a FET.

34 thoughts on “Cuatro”

  1. Just catching up on your news. So very glad to hear the 4th egg caught up. And those must be some embryos, hitting all their milestones.

    I know this won’t help a whit but it’s quality not quantity.

    Thinking of you today and hoping vitamin v smooths everything out.

  2. There’s just no way to make this easy but, man, that Valium is good stuff isn’t it? When we went for our transfer and Mr. PJ saw the nurse dispensing it for me, he asked if he could have one, too. Since we needed a designated driver, the nurse apologetically declined him. Here’s to many more days of calm and a positive outcome!

  3. I’m so glad that you got good news about the fourth egg. I hope that everything goes well tomorrow and that transfer is smooth and easy, no matter how many you decide to transfer. I’ll be thinking of you!

  4. I’m really sorry that you only got four eggs, I would expect more too from a young fresh lass. It is nice though that all four fertilized – and I agree with the others about transferring scrappy. T is convinced that it was her little 5 cell that she decided at the last minute to transfer that ended up being her daugher. Good luck tomorrow, I hope the valium treats you well!!

  5. Congrats on #4. I wouldn’t do all four (unless the donor is an old broad – like me and I know that isn’t the case).
    Why not do the best two (or just two if they are all looking spectacular)?

  6. well, i’m glad #4 finally decided to show up. i’d go with whatever the best odds for pregnancy are: if it’s four at once, i’d do that, if it’s two and two, i’d do that.
    my fingers are crossed for you tomorrow (my legs too, since i’m in the 2ww 😛 )

  7. Good news that #4 decided to get with the program.
    Nothing but well wishes from me! I want nohting more right now than for this to work for you.

  8. They’re THAt tight with the valium? Sods….

    I’d probably shove them all back. Heck, we’re considering going o/s to cycle so we can put more than the two they allow here back,


  9. YAHOO!! Go #4!! I would seriously push to put all 4 back in. Good Luck and I hope it is a smooth transfer – actually the worst part for me is always putting the speculum in – the transfer stuff is easy. I’ll be thinking about you.

  10. I have really good vibes about cuatro – he is super spunky!!!

    Um, they need to give more drugs than that. For the price you are paying – they could give five or six for the road. Not like you could sell them to get all your money back or anything. Would be nice if you could though, come to think of it. Think they will give me eight balls instead of Valium if I ask? Just a thought.

  11. Four to choose from sounds much better than yesterday, I am pleased. Fingers crossed.

    Could you sneak some more drugs while their back is turned? 2 valium seems very little to get through a 2ww

  12. Don’t discount the poky little cycles that make you feel like you might as well hit the bottle. The IVF war is filled with soldiers who had shit cycles and not enough embryos and yet managed to have somethin’ good occur. I’m one of them. So pop the valium, snooze all afternoon, and just remind yourself that the fat chick, she is not singing just yet.

    (And no, this isn’t me doing that “baby dust” bullshit here. I just wanted to spread the slightest bit of sunshine and I never do that sunshine business.)

  13. YAY! I’m really glad that number four caught up to the pack. And, like Jitters, I would go with all four if they’d let you. Heck. Don’t listen what anyone else tells you…twins are eeeeassy! Hahahahaha.

    Hang in there, DD. Know that I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow morning and througout the wait to come.

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