I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Several weeksmonths ago when we had word that a donor match had been found, I sent out a call for lupron and/or PIO. I found myself very fortunate to have received not one, but three bottles of PIO.

Mary Ellen, who is currently gestating her own Trio, sent me two bottles, including one in a medium of olive oil, which I had never seen before. The glass is an umber color and reminds me of something you would get from a apothecary.

A third bottle came from Jitters.

I still have yet to thank them properly.

Now while I certainly appreciated the substances, it was the packaging of Jitter’s PIO that had me laughing outright. Not only that, she included a ceramic angel and the note included with it stated:

…she was given to me as part of a string of women who have dealt with infertility. I believe I was number 9. Every woman held onto her as long as needed and all have gone on to have children or find happiness in their life as it stands. Do with her as you wish – yes, you can throw her against a wall.

What’s so funny about it is that this ceramic angel obviously has been face-planted more than once into a wall already as her wings were effectively snapped right off her back. I forgot to take a picture, but right now she is in my cabinet overlooking several bottles of pills (I still must take for the hives) and the PIO.

If that angel screws me over, I have have to snap her head, including the smug smile she’s projecting, clean off (so, uh, yeah, anyone want dibs on her at that point?)

Here are the pictures of the box Jitters sent me:


And here is the picture of the very stunning pendant that was sent to me from Beagle. The Pomegranate Pendant (hopefully she’ll have some more available soon). I will wear it every day and whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed, I will gently rub my finger across it’s design and remember the good things.


11 thoughts on “I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends”

  1. Aw, DAMN! I was going to send you a little dancing baby ala Ally MacBeal. Oooga chacka Oooga chaka.

    That necklace is darn purty and will look gorgeous on your ample bosom.

    All kidding aside, DD, You know how hard I’m wishing for you.

  2. Kyushubabe – I answered your question in more detail in an email, but PIO is Progesterone In Oil, and it’s the hormone needed to maintain a pregancy, if there is one, and I have to inject it every day into my hip.

  3. I will admit that I am the reason her wings were missing. When I found her hiding in my closet after we gave up on fertility stuff I snapped them off when I grabbed her SO DAMN HARD. I tried to glue them back on her, but they obviously didn’t take. Hmm….I guess my burden was so heavy it broke her spirit, I mean wings.

    Seriously though, she did help me. She served as a benchmark for how much I have been able to cope in the process. When I received her I really needed her and when I let her go I no longer did. Not to say I am not still sad, but I am at least OK with the outcome now.

    I hope she can bring you that same feeling – regardless of the outcome of this cycle. I want more than anything for you to take home a real live healthy baby, but I also want you to be happy.

  4. That angel story reminds me: Back in my delusional pre-IF baby-freaking-dust days I sent a wheat weaving (another fertility charm) to a friend of mine who was ttc. the friend got pg naturally on try #3, (about the same time I met my first RE). So, superfertile friend sends the tried and true fertility wheat weaving back to me figuring I needed it more than she did.

    My cat tore it to shreds the same day I hung it on the bedpost.

    (Stop laughing.)

    So, the moral of the story? There isn’t one.

    But my lucky charms have worked for others, if not for me. So wingless angels be damned . . . I hope this cycle works out in a way that leaves you feeling lucky! With or without lucky charms . . . but it’s nice to know you have friends, isn’t it?

  5. That necklace is really nice. Silly question for you and I know I should probably know the answer but what is PIO?

  6. Trio… It’s so Buffy the Vampire Slayer. As I’m a huge geek, that makes me very happy and I’m sending that happiest straight to you.

  7. If the angel screws you over, let us know. I have some IKEA dishes I’ve been dying to chuck at a wall for just this reason. We can all bash things together. We can declare it Crockery Cock-Up Day.

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