At Least I Can Still Create Something With My Hands

I really don’t have enough distractions. I wish it was spring so I could be outside planting, trimming, mowing, something…anything! Of course, I should mention that I find that the housework never ends, especially when there are two male of the species living under the same roof. I swear to god if I sit down on the toilet again and feel a wet spot because BOTH are too damn lazy to lift the ring, I’m going to pull the damn thing off and force it over their friggin heads and let them wear that around for a while!

Tonight, my son went to bed at 7:30 and was asleep by 8:00. He’s got a slight fever and said his stomach hurts. Please don’t let me find him encrusted in vomit tomorrow morning…

Mr. DD awoke at 5:00 a.m. with some mystery malady or another, too, and was asleep by 8:30. I took advantage of the quiet and cleaned up the kitchen and started some laundry and now I’m rewarding myself with some blogging. I have even found myself hooked on (curse you, Beagle!) in the hopes of finding some quaint items for MY family’s Christmas gifts. The in-laws? I’ve had their gifts since last Christmas. Some call it re-gifting. I call it taking advantage of the resources available to me. So there.

Other projects have included my window seat. If you recall I bought a piece of who-knows-what to use as a bench under the huge window next to the dining table. Well, the other day my husband acquired several pieces of old furniture and storage drawers from a local jewelry store that had built a shiny new place so all the old and mismatched cabinets were auctioned or given away.

Two of the pieces Mr. DD showed up with were some cabinets that separated into two pieces: one had 10 drawers and the 20-drawer set sat on top of it (I think it was probably made that way due to size??). Each piece was handmade and in fact on the bottom of one of the drawers I found handwritten in pencil “Dewey Persons & Freddie Letheby Mar 24-1954”. I have yet to google their names.window-seat-et-al-2.jpg

window-seat-et-al-1.jpgHere is what the 10-drawer cabinet looked like upon delivery. The stain was mohogany that had patinaed to almost black, but each drawer was perfect in condition and very clean. So last weekend, I sanded the stain off (the pictures show most of the old stain on it but once I added the new stain, I didn’t like the results so I had to re-sand them) so that there was just a little left to define the grain of the wood. Then I went out and had some blue stain mixed.

Yes. Blue stain.

We stained the entire cabinet and added several coats of varnish and then went to pick out new handles since I didn’t like the little wooded knobs. We poured over the selections and brought a few home to see what they would look like, but nothing fit. Mr. DD then came across some old, mismatched dooor knobs I had used on a different project years ago and rigged them so he could attach them to the drawer fronts and voila’!

window-seat-et-al-7.jpgI would like to find some upholstery fabric in some kind of fun novelty print and have a pad covered with it, but once that’s done, I think it’ll look fab if I do say so myself. The drawers will be used to store XBoy’s extensive coloring and activity books, plus maybe some of my landscaping books as well.

As for the 20-drawer cabinet, I think that since this coming weekend is suppose to be nice here in Nebraska, I’ll get that sanded and prepped to turn into toy storage for XBoy’s room, effectively eliminating three separate and mismatched storage bins.

Gosh. With all these projects, I can’t believe how the time has flown!

Yes, I’m being sarcastic.

21 thoughts on “At Least I Can Still Create Something With My Hands”

  1. Googled and found this site — the Fred Letheby mentioned above was my father. He was quite the basketball coach and woodworker. From where does this Website originate?

  2. That turned out so COOL!!! Places around here just pitch old stuff like that, never give anyone the option of buying it or just saving it from the landfill. Tell Mr. DD to grab the next ones he sees like that for me and then I will just have to road trip next summer and pick it up.

    I really am going to need you to come visit me and give me some ideas of what to do with my house. I am tapped right out of ideas. Of course that is going to have to wait til you are done with this other project you got brewing. 😉

  3. That cabinet would looks sooo bitchin’ in our house! Maybe we can work out a furniture swap of some kind? No. Shipping heavy items is a dumb idea. Well, I’ll just continue to admire it from the computer screen.

  4. OMG!!! That blue looks GREAT. And the knobs are just too cute!! I can’t wait to see what you do with the others – post pics please! 2 boys here too and my house is filthy, all of the time. I should just give up. It is pointless to clean and then have it a mess 2 minutes later.
    So, when are you going to cave and poas? Or have you already?

  5. I love blue stain. Where you able to find it at the hardware store? I have used yellow before and that was fab also. I have some green in the basement that Ibought for a shelf in the kitchen but it clashes with the drap olive walls.

    Perhaps you could quit your job and redo furniture. I think it is one of your callings.

    Any ideas for a bathroom sink? We have some ugly menards number in there now ( the eurostone or something) and we are looking at redoing the bathroom floor and replacing the sink/vanity? Also, I am using your chicken wire cabinet door idea – it totally rocks.

    I can see your HGTV show now – Nebraska Fab or Prairies and Pagodas or Doorknobs for Drawer Handles

  6. I love the old doorknob idea!

    We used to tease my SIL about her engagement ring. Remember the old glass doorknobs? That’s what her engaement ring looked like.

  7. I am so impressed with what you do with your idle hands. You need to give yourself more credit for keeping busy. Mr. DD did good bringing those projects home.

  8. If it makes you feel any better, I’ve spent about four times as much on etsy as I’ve earned!

    Love the cabinet! A cool seat will be just the thing!

  9. DD – I couldn’t resist googling those names. I always check second-hand stuff for names. And Fred Letheby? Turns out he was quite a basketball star in Nebraska – in high school, college and later as a coach. He is in the state sporting “Halls of Fame”. How cool is that?

  10. I know how you can pass the time. You can come to my house and refinish the antique vanity my grandmother gave me this summer. At some point in the past, SOMEONE PAINTED IT. It hurts my heart to even think about it. To further entice to come out here and do that for me, I promise I will jam a needle in your ass if you need me to.

  11. I never would have thought of blue. When you said blue, I thought “ew” – but then I looked at the photo and WOW – I absolutely LOVE it! Can’t wait to see how the other one turns out!

  12. You know, with two men (boys?…LOL) in my house, I’ve noticed that I always inspect the toilet seat before I sit. Even when I’m practically peeing my pants…even when I”M NOT HOME! (habit now…)
    I love the cabinet.

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