no. 556 – Blog You, VERY Much!

I have really missed it here. Many of you have been following along at my other site know that things haven’t necessarily been quiet on the home front.

November is behind us and I quietly bid it farewell until next year.

I’m starting off here with a meme of sorts.

blog you very much,  Image Hosting See this little tag? It is used to recognize the blog that we first remember reading. I have mentioned it on numerous occasions in the past that the first blog I ever read was Within The Woods by Suz after I inadvertently stumbled into her second IVF cycle while googling something.

This weekend I was reviewing some of those posts from 2005 and as I read the words, it was like it all happened yesterday. While I didn’t remember specifics, reading those thoughts and occurrences refreshed memories in me I though were long forgotten.

Thank you, Suz, for being there. For being here for me since then.

And thank you, Serenity, for "Blogging me, very much!" I hope we all get through life’s trials none the worse for wear, albeit a bit weary.

If you now have your own blog, this badge and post about about who first inspired you. We all have a story to share.

Ahhhhhh. It’s good to be home.

4 thoughts on “no. 556 – Blog You, VERY Much!”

  1. I blog you very much, too!! And thank you, DD, for words that are so much appreciated.

    I don’t remember the first blog I read, but I do remember that she linked to Julie. And that was it. I was in blog-world.

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