no. 559 – Fun with Etsy

Many of you know already about this little gem I found on Etsy (I can’t believe it’s still up for sale!), but just for fun I started plugging in some unusual words just to see what pops up. Here are just a few more.

(Search: uterus)

4 Cuntastic Cards Cuntastic Cards (her words, not mine).

Uterine Bank  Uterine Bank

Uteri in the sky earrings - Yes they are uterus earrings  Uteri in the Sky earrings

(Search: gonad)

Nothing?? No one wants a pair of gonad earrings??

(Search: sperm not whale)

Mr. Spermie and Ms. Ova Pin Cushions  Mr. Spermie and Ms. Ova Pin Cushions – of course I think this would be more "realistic" if it was just an ovary that was a pin cushion. Think retrieval.

A majority of all the other items under this search came from The Silly Sperm Shop!

When I did a search of "infertility" in tags and titles, the results came back with a whopping nine items. However, when I searched "fertility", there were 157.

There were 11 with "barren" in the tag or title, but 328 with "pregnant".

Just goes to show that there is something for everyone, if you know their reproductive status, that is. So enjoy.

And if you find something interesting, that I’ve overlooked, let us know!

6 thoughts on “no. 559 – Fun with Etsy”

  1. Merry Christmas, DD. You just ruined my surprise. I was SO gonna get you that bank. LOL
    beagle, I checked that seller’s other items, they even have that on T-shirts! Personally, I think a pair of gold uterus earings would be awesome! And cheaper than the bum one I currently own.

  2. Most of the things, I can understand why someone would be interested, but what do I do with the cuntastic cards? Who would I send them to? My RE to thank him for treating my girl bits?

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