no. 561 – Interesting Has Left The Building!

Apparently, taking time off has sucked the life out of me. Now I know I wasn’t blazing the blogging trail with my wit and insight but it seems that any inspiration I’ve had has been "Jimmy Hoffa’ed" right out of me.

I had a post idea that was another poll related to the Holiday Card Exchange in which the question was going to be, "Did you google my name once I sent you my address?" and you could chose between yes and no.

I have to be honest and admit that most of you I googled. It’s really a desire to know what you look like, not whether or not you are living a double life on MySpace. If you did google me,  just for the record, I’m not a real-estate agent, an attorney, or singer nor is my real name on Facebook or MySpace, and lastly, I am not dead.

And since that is far as that can go, I didn’t bother with a poll.

I could talk about Nip / Tuck and speculate whether or not Matt died in a meth fire slash drowning, but he may have become another unfortunate victim of the writer’s strike. I could also debate the supposed beauty of Kimber, who I find not particularly attractive overall. The same goes for Julia, even though I really like Joely Richardson, she just doesn’t seem to have the beauty to inspire the craziness that goes on between Sean and Christian (who at some point has packed on some poundage). I think someone like Renee Russo would be much better (albeit technically a little "old" to play the part).

Mr. DD and I did get a chuckle when Christian referred to Kimber as Succubus because it reminded us of the South Park episode. Yep. We’re mature.

So, I apologize for the duldrums. I can promise that something exciting (which could either be taken as negatively or positively) is in the works. Or possibly not in the works. That would be the negative aspect…