no. 566 – Call Me Lame-io

I have deduced that the reason the Ass-Mouth has disappeared is because I switched prenatals earlier this week upon my clinic’s recommendation. While I certainly enjoyed gagging down one of those ginormous pills, they said I could just switch to the Flinstone’s chewables as long as I take 2 folic acid tablets instead of just one.

Can’t really say it’s much of an improvement as far as tolerance goes as the Flintstone tablet must be held together with some kind of gum substance that has been scraped from under the desks of some high-school’s homeroom. I always find myself spitting bits and pieces of the vitamin out later since they don’t dissolve.

Total number of pills now taken daily (I take them all before bedtime): 9, counting the two I still have to take daily for the hives, which yes, I still get with still fluctuating frequency and severity.

Now I am certainly not saying I’m feeling confident, especially if I was to go by the fact I picked up my phone and dialed my old OB in an attempt to beg a scan from him, but hung up when the receptionist answered. I’m a picture of pathetic.

As a distraction, I finally logged back onto facebook to try to figure that piece of crap out. As Jess and I discussed on my wall (oooh, look at me, I have a wall!), we don’t really get what the big deal is. I have found it fascinating the common "friends" I have with other users and spent a good deal of my time hunting down inviting new friends to my facebook.

For those of you who have a facebook account and know my real name via the Card Exchange, feel free to poke me (ooooh….more facebook techie talk!). You’ll easily pick me out of all the DD’s as I use my boxing babies as my photo avatar.

Wow. I am so lame.