I have accepted a doppler from Catherine, who is graciously loaning me hers. I will try my damnednest not to become spastic if I do not have any luck at first.

I’m glad I didn’t try to sneak in an ultrasound before Christmas. I figured if Murdock was dead that I wouldn’t want that hanging over my head over the next few days. I still expect to see blood when I go into the bathroom and really? I hate feeling relatively well.

Next time you see me, I’ll have a new haircut. I’m getting it cut and re-colored tonight. Now while I hold no stock in the perception that hair-coloring is bad when pregnant, I will feel inclined to shave my head if next Thursday, they calculate that Murdock ceased growing around 9w2d.

More than likely, I will not get a chance to post again until after Christmas. If so, I’ll let you know now that I wish you all peace and comforting love from those who mean the most to you.

Happy Christmas – Merry Holidays

11 thoughts on “UNTIL NEXT TIME”

  1. Coloring bad? Nah… It is all a crapshoot – people have something happen and then try to justofu why things didn’t go well for them and voila they determine that this ONE THING caused it all to go to sh*t.

    Not possible. Do you know how many people color their hair?!?!?! The western world would be declining in population, not increasing.

    Can’t wait to see the new do.

  2. My OB said she had no issues with hair coloring at any time during pregnancy – probably because she saw the pathetic gray mess emerging from my scalp.

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