no. 571 – Yes, You Knew I Had To Do A 2007 In Review

January – Spent most of it recovering from Miscarriage #3, Wolf

February – Posted an abnormal number of picture posts including this one.

March – Wow. I bored myself with the number of posts on basically nonsense.

AprilWe met with our RE for the first time following our miscarriage to discuss what next in our treatment, including the possibility of a couple more dIUI and donor egg.

May – Marked the donor sperm IUI that wasn’t donor. It also marked pregnancy number five (and later miscarriage number four) that should have been.

JunePainful, painful, painful.

July – I prepared for the long wait on the donor egg list by focusing on the positive.

August – I met in real life my new bestest blogging friend and my old best friend and her new baby.

September – I continued on with a severe case of The Bitters.

OctoberCompleted many of the necessary steps in preparation of the Donor Egg cycle, which only took a couple of months to be matched, but a couple more to actually get there.

November – There were 21 posts in October. Only 3 in November as I was in the middle of my Donor Egg cycle documented over here.

December – I’m marveling over the fact that in 2007 I was pregnant twice but didn’t have any D&Cs.

For many of those who came before me, 2007 was your year – finally. The sheer number of those I wish for 2008 to be "their" year, including myself, is overwhelming.

Thank you for helping me make it through this past year when I really didn’t know if I could.


The snowy special affects? Wow. It just proves to me that you all are easily amused. Apparently so am I.

I’ve been meaning to explain to the newbies (new since Spring 2006, so just about everyone) that the email address you may see in my responses to your comments,, was not taken on as a direct result of Murdock’s appearance. Instead, it was my original email from 2005 to match my blog, Unfortunately, wordpress registers you based on an email and instead of creating ANOTHER email address (I currently have 5 yahoo and 1 gmail), I just went with this one. Judge me not.

Congratulations to me. I puked Saturday morning about an hour after breakfast. Strangely, Captain Crunch tastes the same coming up as it does going down. Take my word for it.

I also bought a bellaband. The jury is still out however I admit I like how it bridges the unsightly gap between my just-a-little-too-short sweater and the zippered region of my pants. It’s the first purchase as a direct relationship to this pregnancy that I did not have to pick up from a pharmacist.

Happy New Year, everyone. At least I hope it is.