no. 571 – Yes, You Knew I Had To Do A 2007 In Review

January – Spent most of it recovering from Miscarriage #3, Wolf

February – Posted an abnormal number of picture posts including this one.

March – Wow. I bored myself with the number of posts on basically nonsense.

AprilWe met with our RE for the first time following our miscarriage to discuss what next in our treatment, including the possibility of a couple more dIUI and donor egg.

May – Marked the donor sperm IUI that wasn’t donor. It also marked pregnancy number five (and later miscarriage number four) that should have been.

JunePainful, painful, painful.

July – I prepared for the long wait on the donor egg list by focusing on the positive.

August – I met in real life my new bestest blogging friend and my old best friend and her new baby.

September – I continued on with a severe case of The Bitters.

OctoberCompleted many of the necessary steps in preparation of the Donor Egg cycle, which only took a couple of months to be matched, but a couple more to actually get there.

November – There were 21 posts in October. Only 3 in November as I was in the middle of my Donor Egg cycle documented over here.

December – I’m marveling over the fact that in 2007 I was pregnant twice but didn’t have any D&Cs.

For many of those who came before me, 2007 was your year – finally. The sheer number of those I wish for 2008 to be "their" year, including myself, is overwhelming.

Thank you for helping me make it through this past year when I really didn’t know if I could.

9 thoughts on “no. 571 – Yes, You Knew I Had To Do A 2007 In Review”

  1. Actually, thank you for being a breath of fresh air your wit and support – and I truly hope 2008 is just perfect for you… x

  2. Oh, now I’m sad that I’m not your bestest blogging friend. I’ll have to get into middle school mode and start posting snarky things. After all, everyone else seems to do it! Heheh, just kidding.

    I hope that 2008 brings this pregnancy to a successful and healthy baby, who comes home and acts like a normal, healthy baby. And that you keep blogging after that point, because I’d miss you terribly.

  3. From the time I first started blogging to now, all but a handful of my blog friends have become mothers. Some are on their way and one is still waiting. I don’t make resolutions but I do want 2008 to be the year for those of you that are expecting to complete an entire wonderful pregnancy and the one that is still waiting, to not give up hope. I would love nothing more than to be reading all my ladies blogs next year at this time and read all about colic, diaper blowouts and baby vomit. That’s what I want for 2008.

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