The snowy special affects? Wow. It just proves to me that you all are easily amused. Apparently so am I.

I’ve been meaning to explain to the newbies (new since Spring 2006, so just about everyone) that the email address you may see in my responses to your comments,, was not taken on as a direct result of Murdock’s appearance. Instead, it was my original email from 2005 to match my blog, Unfortunately, wordpress registers you based on an email and instead of creating ANOTHER email address (I currently have 5 yahoo and 1 gmail), I just went with this one. Judge me not.

Congratulations to me. I puked Saturday morning about an hour after breakfast. Strangely, Captain Crunch tastes the same coming up as it does going down. Take my word for it.

I also bought a bellaband. The jury is still out however I admit I like how it bridges the unsightly gap between my just-a-little-too-short sweater and the zippered region of my pants. It’s the first purchase as a direct relationship to this pregnancy that I did not have to pick up from a pharmacist.

Happy New Year, everyone. At least I hope it is.

21 thoughts on “SNOW & PUKE”

  1. Congrats on the pukeing. I think. Well, it’s a good sign, even if it doesn’t sound like much fun, unaltered taste notwithstanding,



  2. Can I get a bella band for my non-pg expanding stomach. well, I guess I am expecting a baby also, so perhaps that could be my excuse since it sounds so much better than all the cookies I consumed over these past few weeks.

    Glad to know I am not the only one with a zillion e-mails – I am switching our my blog e-mail to a more random one after I got an e-mail from a freak (long story).

  3. I really really hope it is a happy new year too!! I loved my bella band too, wore it all the time toward the end of my pg. Definitely helped keep those stupid pants up. Hopefully I will get to use it at the beginning of a new one at some point.

  4. Your title alone made me laugh.

    I hope the Bellaband works well and that it’s only the first of non-pharmacist-related items that you buy!

    I just noticed that the snow piles up a little on the bottom of the screen. If you notice a lot of time on your visit counter by one person in Georgia, it’s just me watching the snow on the screen. And getting slightly hypnotized by it.

  5. Woohoo for a little morning sickness! I’ve thought about puking but haven’t actually had to yet.

    Bellaband looks like a pretty cool item…although amazing what they charge for a piece of fabric! I might have to invest in one in a few weeks…still a little gun shy about buying anything that doesn’t come from the pharmacy yet!

    Happy new year my friend!

  6. I thought I was the only one that loved the snowflakes. I have blog envy.

    You know, now that you mention it, I wonder if a bellaband would work for my extra bulge left over from my last pregnancy (you know, the one I had 13 YEARS AGO).

    Like the others, for some odd reason I am glad you puked. Not in an evil way of course.

  7. I wore my Bella Bands a lot. At first, it was to keep my jeans up when I had to leave them unbuttoned (doubled over works best for that), then it was to keep my maternity jeans up once I finally switched over because the belly part was still way too big. They also helped shaped my flabby belly into a pleasingly round prego belly.

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