no. 573 – Thirsty

One of the most unhealthy habits I have is not drinking enough. And I mean "drinking" as in hydration, not blitzing out, even though my husband doesn’t think a drink would hurt (of course, I would drink a glass of wine and karma would bite me in the ass)…

I’m so sick of water. I’ve tried lemons and limes. I’ve tried Squirt (I hate 7-Up). Colas are too sweet (right now anything sweet leaves that nasty taste behind). Nothing else sounds good. Well, except a cherry limeade from Sonic, which I will probably pick up later, but I’m sure I’ll get sick of those as well.

Any suggestions on some relatively healthy liquids? I have to figure out something soon. In fact, I’ve had a lot of cramping this afternoon and I know it’s because I’m a little dehydrated.

31 thoughts on “no. 573 – Thirsty”

  1. Dear DD, a very Happy New Year to you — and in this case my wish is a lot more specific than it usually is when I wish people that! I’m so sorry I dropped off the radar like that but I did check up on you sneakily while at my sister’s place to see if you were OK. I was so glad to see you were!

    What to drink? I second Kati’s suggestion about half-juice, half-Seltzer (or one-third juice, two-thirds Seltzer). The classic is apple juice spritzers but any juice except tomato works great — try mango or cherry (more diluted), for example! The apple spritzer is very Tsherman but hey, it’s good and it saw me through my pregnancy when hydrophobia set in.

  2. I 2nd the lemonade. Also, Diet Lipton/Regular Lipton Green Tea w/Citrus. They come in the liter sized bottles, which is nice because finishing one per day is relatively helpful in staying hydrated.

  3. Just some unsolicited advice…make sure you stay away from aspertame in your drinks. In my past life I was an electroencephalographist and despite what the companies of artificial sweeteners tell you, they are not good for you and I saw many patients with new onset seizure disorders (and tons of kids) that all had that one thing in common.

    I hate to be a pushy bitch but drink, drink, drink. When I had preterm labor, I was supposed to down un-Godly amounts of fluids to keep the contractions under control.

  4. What about herbal teas? I drank gallons when pg. There’s the pregnancy tea, cammomile… Celestial Seasonings has a whole yummy bunch.

    Seltzer? If you mix vanilla seltzer and orange juice, you get a creamcicle soda. I also mixed blak cherry juice with seltzer for a black cherry soda. Oh, the possibilites are endless!

    I also drank no where near what I was supposed to during my pg, and had no complications. I’m just not a big drinker. Glad you’re feeling okay (except for the cramps)!

  5. Healthy? No. I did drink gallons of Orange Bang when I was pregnant, though. It might not be available where you are. It is mostly found in divey Mexican restaurants right next to the Horchata dispenser. It is kind of like an Orange Julius but thinner, more like punch.

  6. I second the juice idea – just watch for ones that are 100% juice instead of juice + high fructose corn syrup. That’s ALL you need – a case of gestational diabetes!

    I know you said no to tea – but I saw a thing on the food network yesterday about a new thing lipton is making called “pyramid teas” – that have flavor crystals in them. You could try bewing those and then drinking them as an iced drink. It just sounded really different from “normal” tea – so maybe an option.

  7. what about mixing apple juice (cider) with club soda ? it’s a real popular drink in Germany 🙂
    During my last (short) pregnancy, I also couldn’t stomach water anymore at the end.

    good luck and happy new year!

  8. DRINK, dang it.

    Right now i am on an Simply Lemonade / Limeade kick. I also love vitamin water and the snapple knock off.

    I am so coming to visit you if you have Sonic.

  9. I’m obsessed with vitamin water at the moment. I’m not really a fan of the yellow colored one or the grape one — but the XXX [not dirty, stands for antioXidants] and the revive ones are fantastic. The colors are purplish and clear pink. If you’ve seen them you’ll know why I’m describing them like this. Also, I love to read the bottles. Pure genius marketing, especially for teenagers and college students.

  10. Flavored seltzer is what I drink when I’m bored with water. Not too sweet, has some bubbly so it feels like soda, but nothing in it – no calories, no sodium, no carbs. Nada.

    I love the Polar seltzer – grapefruit, pomegranate, lime, mandarin.

    Good luck!

  11. I know its not real hydration- but freeze a couple of ripe bananas,( i skin them first) then toss them in the blender with some milk, oj, strawberries (I use a bag of frozen mixed fruit) and blend it to desired thickness. Healthy and natural.

  12. I’m all for putting things into my water…any fruit will do – cherries or strawberries, blueberries, whatever…

    You can put in candy like someone else said – jolly ranchers are good.

    And there are tons of the powder mixes you can add.

  13. Sorry, hon, I got nothing for ya. My suggestion would have been hot decaf tea, or iced, but others have already suggested those (and you apparently desuggested hot tea and I missed it). Lots of sympathy though!

  14. I liked to mix Sunny D with club soda, half and half, that way it bubbled a bit but wasn’t too sweet. The same goes for the cordials Betty mentioned above, if you find them too rich they mix well with club soda.

  15. Decaf iced tea, hot tea (which you’ve already declared a hatred for), crystal light lemonade and strawberry lemonade and flavored waters have been what I’m drinking…plain water (which I usually am perfectly happy with) tastes like ass right now.

  16. I practically live on soy milk (the fat free vanilla kind). Almond milk is also super delicious.

    Plus, the texture might be pleasing, since it’s not that watery/bubbly thing that tastes like fake sugar.

  17. I have been living on Crystal Lite and Kool-Aid made with Splenda. The Kool-Aid is especially good because the Splenda isn’t fattening and I can put just a little bit in it so it isn’t too sweet. I also like those little packets of Crystal Lite (and other things) that you can just dump into a bottle of water for some flavor.

  18. I also don’t like the taste of water, but was relentlessly thirsty when pregnant with the boys. I bought tins of Citrus Altoids by the case and would drop a few of them in a bottle of water, swish it around, wait a few minutes, and then drink. Perfect non-sugary sourness. Yum.

  19. Just gonna throw suggestions at you, no rhyme, reason or preference. Just suggestions that might work, although some sweeter than others (and I’m not sure what your opinions on artificial sweeteners during pg are):

    -kool aid
    -crystal light
    -iced tea

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