no. 577 – Both Shoes Are Still On

Long day, but the short of it is that our measurements on the nuchal were good. Murdock measures at 12w5d and the heart beat was within a normal range, 153.

Before each appointment I’ve had, a draft is prepared in my head the words I will need to write if it’s bad news. It’s as if I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. Today I asked myself what other shoe? The first one has yet to hit the floor – for this cycle anyway. The "other shoe" has already dropped on me four other times. I can’t chalk those up to heavy boots or slippery fingers.

Apparently I over think my analogies on long, boring car trips across Nebraska.

I wish I had more time because I would love to share the little conversation the ultrasound tech had with us in regards to telling this child that s/he was a product of donor egg. I can say she was adamantly against it. All I could do was sneak a glance at Mr. DD to telepathically send the message, "Do not confront!"

I’ll cover it in more detail next week, I promise.


I’ve been having some issues with bloglines so I haven’t been able to save some posts I wanted to come back to: Catherine, my sympathies to you and your family on the loss of your grandfather; M, I thought I left a comment regarding Grover and Houdini and it must have been swallowed up, but my heart just twists for you; Kath, thank goodness you updated and that while you are busy, Banana is well. Kisses and hugs, especially for you three.

20 thoughts on “no. 577 – Both Shoes Are Still On”

  1. Whoo Hoo! So glad for the good news about Murdock.

    Here’s my .02 regarding DE & you. Murdock IS *your* child. No matter who supplied the egg, that is YOUR baby. Is your boggle about telling her/him or not to tell?? or is telling/not telling your families?

  2. Simple way to keep the shoes from dropping…go barefoot. You know, the breeze blowing through your hair as you romp through a field of daisy’s all the way to an easy labor with no contractions, then right after delivery your makeup is perfect and your hair is silky and flowing. (Reality check here…when Murdock makes his appearance, your make up probably won’t be perfect;)

    I can’t believe your tech spoke out like that…at our hospital if we ever uttered any opinions like that we would have been escorted to the door!

  3. Dear DD, that is so, so good to hear! Go, Murdock, go! I know what you’re saying about waiting for that other shoe to drop — I did that for so long. May your fears of falling footwear fade with time.

    So your ultrasound tech weighed in on the tell-or-don’t-tell question, did she? Nice. Like my mother’s cleaning lady advising her, 33 years ago, to “just get rid of” her new pregnancy (which turned into my wonderful brother, incidentally).

    Thanks for the note! Kisses and hugs right back at you.

  4. Glad to hear about both shoes still being on. You’ve really got me interested in this ultrasound tech.

    And where do they find these ultrasound techs ’cause I’ve had some that have said some really wack shit before.

  5. Such good news about the nuchal. I hate to tell you, but I didn’t breathe relief until I heard my babies cry in the delivery room. I spent the entire damn pregnancy waiting for the other shoe to drop (and drove my OB crazy in the meantime). We get it…

  6. Oh, my local abc news station is airing a donor egg story tonight on the later version of news. Not sure if it’s national or how that works. Though, I’m almost afraid to watch any media coverage of IF issues right now.

  7. Happy, happy news about Murdoch.

    Jitters said it much more beautifully than I could have put it – waiting for that “other shoe” to drop really is the act of pre-consoling. Just in case.

    With each milestone, I hope that dread lessens bit by bit.

  8. Whew. I was begining the wonder and worry about you. You know, since my cell died I no longer have your number and NEED IT.

    I am glad to hear about Murdock. I know you have been updating us on where you are at, but I cannot seem to commit it to memory – rather I find myself thinking in terms of she is still before this or after that. I will remember 12 weeks 5 days and keep updating it in my head. It is 5 days after the “big hump date we hear so often” and almost past your personal hurdle. Almost. Then you may be able to start looking toward the other end of the spectrum and the result, probably after a good cry of release though.

    Those conversations we have with ourselves are awful, but I always feel like I never want to be caught off guard so I can at least tell myself..I told you so or I am not surprised. It is almost an act of of pre-consoling.

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