no. 579 – Useful For His Own Purposes

Necessity may be the Mother of Invention, but Desperation is the Father.

Case in point:

A few weeks ago we got quite a nasty ice storm. Luckily it wasn’t like last year where we lost electricity, but enough to lose the TV.

We have satellite dish at our home since the city cable doesn’t run out that far. Because of the direction of the ice storm, that poor dish became coated in a thick crust of ice, effectively blocking any signal. It was a weekend. Mr. DD was beside himself.

After futilely hoping that the early afternoon’s warmth (ha! 31 degrees F is not "warmth") would melt enough of the ice to allow a picture-signal to come up, Mr. DD sought out the Big Guns.


He filled one of XBoy’s Super Soaker water rifle (it’s no water "gun") with hot water from the tap and opened the window next to the dish and repeatedly squirted it down.

Oh, yeah, it worked.

So there you go. Get yourself a Super Soaker for all kinds of household emergencies. Too bad I can’t use it to get rid of the last half-dozen ladybugs camping in the corner of my ceiling well out of reach.