I was reading some opinions from parents on whether or not they found out the sex of their unborn baby when I stumbled upon this statement:

From Susan ~ We Had our first ultrasound a little too early, though the tech said “well it looks like a girl.” Because of complications later on, we found out for sure…yeah… it was a girl. We had already started calling her Kimberlee, so I would have felt as if I lost a child if it had been a boy.

Is it the bitter in me or is Susan totally shallow and clueless?

24 thoughts on “DO YOU KNOW THIS WOMAN?”

  1. I am truly a hater, but KimberLEE?

    I hope her baby defies the u/s and pops out with a big fat phallus just so that they aren’t able to stick that name on the poor creature.

    oh, and p.s. would love to get your passwd if you’re willing…

  2. Oh, I completely get it. It just took me banging my head with the claw end of a hammer for an hour or…hey, is that something shiny over there. Shiny. Pretty……

    In a way, I’m glad that I am infertile just so that I can fully appreciate the sheer arrogance and self-absorbedness (is that a word?) of her statement. It’s pretty obvious anyway, but this just gives it an extra layer.

  3. Wow, that’s exactly what it would feel like to lose a child!!!!

    Now when I stumble to describe my grief to others I’ll just tell them to imagine that scenario. UGGHH!! BTW.. totally cool album cover.

  4. Well if you are bitter then so am I because I also thought WTF? Hard to believe that people are really that stupid and shallow. I found out that Joey was a boy at one of our many ultrasounds (they do them at every appointment in Japan) and I think it was good that I did because I knew what to expect and what to prepare. Had I been a fan of yellow and green I might have waited but as I hate both colours I thought it better to know whether to buy pink or blue. I also think it helped me bond with him more when he was in utero.

  5. Huh??? This comment is so ridiculous that I had to read and reread and reread it until I finally got what the hell she meant! What a horrible thing for her to say! I think you should let southernsuds kick her. Can I watch and laugh?

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