no. 591 – The Mourning After

As children, many of us probably grew up hearing about the Schoolhouse Blizzard of 1888 or the Tri-State Tornado of ’25, or the Dust Bowl of the 30’s. We heard the stories but most of the time we could never imagine being in that particular situation. They may have been told to us in such great detail and with such fervor, we remained rapt with attention but were able to walk away with would always remain a story of someone’s past.

For those who were part of these terrifying and life-altering events, these were more than just stories. These were the patches of their quilt of life. An elderly story-teller probably becomes as animated as the time the events took place. Tears may still spill as they recall lost family and friends.

We have similar moments in blogging. There are still just a handful of bloggers remaining who were there when Cecily and Tertia both lost their twin boys. I am not part of that handful, coming into blogging nearly a year later from each of those occurrences, but the ripples of those events were still very apparent.

This weekend something equally as heartrending occurred, as many of you now know, when Mary Ellen and Steve lost their three daughters, Sylvia, Claire and Lucy. There have been others who I’m sure have had equally painful losses, but for me this was different because I "knew" them through their blogging. For the others, I came too late…a generation in blogging years.

I know I’ll never forget how I felt this weekend as the updates came in and I know many others have been irrevocably affected as well.

I struggled all weekend with how I wanted to move onward; on how I wish there was something I could do to make it all go away…and while I can’t make it disappear, I have to keep moving. I also found a beautiful post on Everyday Stranger that seems to combine how I’ve been feeling about my own pregnancy along with how lately there has been so much tragedy to forge through. Most of Helen’s posts are poignant, but this one struck me because she was able to put into words what I am unable to do right now.