no. 592 – Four Months

Yesterday was another OB appointment. Tomorrow will mark 16weeks and while I’m amazed I’m still pregnant, I’m more amazed that I’ve been able to keep my mouth shut about it for this long.

I haven’t had an ultrasound since the NT scan, four weeks ago and have been depending on my doppler in moments of anxiety. There will probably be an abundance of those over the next four weeks because I’m determined to wait until 20weeks before returning to OB. At that time, the plan is to do the anatomical scan (w/o finding the sex of the baby) AND to introduce XBoy to Murdock.

Since it might be just a bit freaky for a six year old to take in Mommy pregnant and seeing a tiny skeleton inside her all at once, we plan on telling him a week or so before the appointment.

It’s been said that children are intuitive about these things, and for that I have no doubt. Each time I’ve been pregnant, XBoy has mentioned in passing that he would like to have a baby brother or sister. Unfortunately, his comments usually come on the heels of a miscarriage.

This weekend it happened again. We were on the couch watching a movie when XBoy started patting my leg, "I wish you would have another baby."

Surprised by the comment that had basically come out of no where, I asked him why.

"So I can have a brother."

All I could do was stroke his hair, pull him closer, and tell him, "We’ll see."

We will see.