no. 593 – Sleep On It

Tonight Mr. DD starts the first leg of his trip to Colorado for the weekend. Guess who will have the king-size bed to themselves for the next few nights?

Nothing says, "I love you," like being excited that your husband is sleeping some where else and taking his snoring ass with him.

I’ve heard stories about couples who sleep in different rooms throughout their very happy marriage and I get that. It’s no more than 30 minutes after he goes to sleep that one of has to migrate to the spare bedroom. It’s either me because it’s just easier since I’m already awake from the snoring; or him because I feel it’s only fair that we take turns in our Tired Man Walking with Bare Feet Across Miles of Cold Tile to Lay In a Cold Bed.

I’m actually starting to worry what we will do if when Murdock gets here because I’m going to need my sleep, dammit, whenever I can, and I’ll be pissed if I have to give it up to his snoring. I’ll have to explain sometime later some of the ideas we’ve come up with so you can shoot your opinions at me.

And speaking of opinions and beds, we are on the hunt for a new mattress. We have a 10-year old Land&Sky soft-side waterbed (you can’t "flip" a waterbed). It’s gotta go. Mr. DD thought he wanted one of those select-comfort thingamabobs, but no way in Hades am I shopping for a mattress in a mall kiosk. So our current contenders are the Sealy Posturpedic and a Simmons Beautyrest. The Tempur-Pedic is O.U.T. as we both tested it out at the store and Mr. DD struggled to change positions and I found it like laying on a bale of hay.

21 thoughts on “no. 593 – Sleep On It”

  1. I have the Sealy. Love it. We have the double pillow top so it’s pillow top even when you flip it. Only bad thing is that only certain queen size sheets fit, because it’s extra long with the double pillowtop, we have actually just bought king size sheets and pre-shrunk htem just to have something that stays ON the mattress all night.

  2. We have a Simmons Beautyrest and it rocks. And we sleep so very well. I do think it’s a very personal thing, however, and you need to just try out a lot of beds. We tried everyone out there and liked the low motion transfer (remember that old commercial with the bowling ball on the bed? that was this one) of the Beautyrest. FWIW it’s also the Heavenly Bed used in the Westin Hotels.

    Have fun sleeping around.

  3. Adding the cpap recommendation – it does help cure the snoring. I can’t sleep with the hubs unless he has his.

    On the mattress – I say find out what the Marriott Suites has, and buy that. I’ve tried the select comfort – not impressed. I’ve slept in A LOT of different beds. Most comfortable so far are the Marriott Suites mattresses and (Believe it or not) Best Western in Burbank. Yeah, so – I rate beds by the hotels I’ve slept in. I guess since I spend about 60% of my nights in hotels, it makes sense, ya?

  4. I am looking forward to moving house soon so we will have a spare room! Currently snoring husband gets relegated to the bottom bunk of DS’s bunk beds – they are both snorers!

  5. I swear the best sleep I get is the 8 or so minutes I stay in bed while A has his shower…

    My dad and stepmum have always slept in separate rooms as my Dad’s snoring is chronic (he kept me awake when I stayed there, and I was DOWNSTAIRS with my DOOR SHUT!) – and I think it works for them!

  6. Luckily no one here snores. But I took a workshop a few years ago and my roomie snored to the point that I thought I might have to kill her or myself. C. mailed me earplugs and all was well for the rest of the ten days. Those little squooshy ones, like tiny marshmellows that go in your ears.

    I don’t know what kind of matress we have. We went to the store and lay on a dozen or more until we bith agreed on one.

    Sleep MATTERS!

  7. BigD is leaving for 5 days in March and I can’t wait to fluff up his pillows and let Harley sleep there 😉

    My inlaws had separate bedrooms for years, yet they really loved each other a lot..I never could really figure it out. I am an odd duck in that most nights BigD’s snoring makes me laugh…besides it gives me a justified reason for kicking him in the shins while he is sleeping.

  8. I’ve always wanted to try one of those sleep number beds and see if they are worth it.

    We sleep together but with separate blankets. I will admit that I sleep fabulously for the hour or so after he leaves for work before the girl gets me up. I like being able to stretch out.

  9. Oh God I SO understand the snoring husband thing. It pisses me off so much that he can fall asleep in 3 minutes, start snoring and I’m still expected to be the one to get up with the kids (since he’s the wage earner)and sleep through all that noise. I regularly kick his butt out of bed to go sleep on the couch.

    We have a sleep number bed and I have a love/hate relationship with it. When we first got it I sweat all the time and I’ve heard of other people having that happen with those beds too. It must have something to do with the air, I don’t know. It is nice to be able to adjust it to suit that days mood, especially when pregnant. I’m not a big fan of spring mattresses so I am not much help for you I suppose.

  10. My husband used ear plugs during my pg snoring to great effect. Maybe they could help you.

    As for the mattress, we swear by the Original Mattress Factory. Their mattresses are inexpensive and divine. I was thrilled to discover they had a location in my state so we could order a new bed for our new home (4 years ago). I see that the nearest locaion is in Minnesota:

    Give their web site a view, and if you can, go to the factory to try them out. After buying two of their mattresses, I wouldn’t buy anything else.

    Hang in there and enjoy the sleep!

  11. I’ve slept on the sleep number bed (Radisson hotels have them) and HATED it. If you like a soft mattress they suck. As far as sleeping when Murdock arrives, I am a fairly light sleeper (my husband doesn’t snore but I am bothered by his BREATHING) but I was so freaking tired when we were first home with Ellie that I could fall asleep instantly.

  12. I would LOVE to have a king-sized bed again…especially since we’re still co-sleeping and a toddler has a way of taking up the whole. damned. bed! When I was with my baby’s daddy, we had a Select Comfort king-size bed…and I absolutely LOVED it! We didn’t have to agree on whether the bed was soft or hard…which was really nice while I was pregnant! Even though the store might be at the mall, I think it’s worth it to consider. Though they do tend to be kind of expensive!

  13. yeah, I caught it…I’m actually starting to worry what we will do if when Murdock gets here….

    For now, enjoy that bed. Earplus – the foamy kind are awesome.

  14. Oh DD, think about asking Mr.DD to go to a sleep clinic. Do they have those in your city? Just because ever since my husband went to one and got a sleep apnea machine, (CPAP) it’s like heaven. No snoring, no sudden gasps for air. I get a good sleep and he does to.

    In fact, he loves it so much he takes it everywhere and can’t sleep without it anymore. It gives him energy and wonderful dreams and his blood pressure is down.

    As for beds? Best bet is to just go try and lie on them, for a nice long while. Don’t let anyone rush you. This is where you spend a third of your life, don’t go cheap, and don’t let any outside review tell you so.

  15. omg, we do the same exact thing! I am usually the one who gets up and trots to the spare room to the cold bed. If spare room becomes occupied in, oh, 8-9 months I will be trying to figure out an alternative too. I want to hear your ideas.

  16. 1. Pregnancy sleep: My husband slept in the spare bedroom for most of my first trimester. After that, he did a sleep study and got a CPAP and he hasn’t snored since.

    2. Mattress: Don’t be put off by the mall kiosk! The SelectComfort Sleep Number bed was the best investment we ever made. Ok, that might be exagerrating, but I have never once regretted the thousands of dollars we shelled out for it. We looked for ages on a mattress we could agree on and that was the only one. I prefer a soft mattress and he prefers a firm mattress. Now, we both get what we want. It was also super useful to be able to adjust my side when I was pregnant.

    3. Husband: Even though he doesn’t snore anymore, I still sleep better alone.

  17. Uh you’re talking to a woman who slept on the couch last night due to the fact that our 8 year old horribly uncomfortable mattress was home to one very loud snoring snorting husband! Glad to hear I’m not the only one! This morning I was thinking I was weird. I’ll be interested to hear what you find out about mattresses.

  18. My in-laws haven’t slept together in years, not even in the same room, for that very reason. Since my MIL is VERY cranky without sleep, this is a good thing!

    We love our sealy.

  19. MMMMmm I love having the whole bed to myself. Of course, I still sleep in the same spot.

    We were at a matress store a couple weekends ago getting Maggie a new matress & I tested the Sealy Posturpedic pillow-top. Heaven.
    Total package? King size matress & box spring? $3,000.00

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