no. 596 – TypePad? Suck it!*

There are dozens of sites out there that I could publish my blog to. I tried Blogger. Blah…

I have my WordPress, which drives me insane sometimes.

But both of these are FREE! They get to make me insane under the protection of them being FREE!

I have higher expectations, therefore, from TypePad. So why is it then that lately, only about 75% of the comments actually get emailed to me? Here I was thinking you must think I suck (OK, so you do think that but most of you are kind enough to still comment), and I see that it’s TypePad who must think I suck which is why it’s been keeping your comments hoarded all to itself. Greedy Bastard.


So about those bloody boogers? Yep. Got ’em. Plus my body has decided to throw in a nasty gum infection so it feels like I have a piece of steak (*barf*) stuck between my canine and the neighboring tooth, not to mention that every time I brush my teeth, I think of the movie, "There Will Be Blood".

Basadds So, who wants to hang out with me and my swollen, bloody gums while I try to discretely pick my nose?


* My apologies to Peeved Michelle for my blatant use of her site’s catch phrase. Someday I’ll be a big girl and have one of my own.

5 thoughts on “no. 596 – TypePad? Suck it!*”

  1. You wouldn’t believe the number of people who get to my blog by searching for “bloody snot”. That’s what I get for asking about it when I was pregnant, as it was an overwhelming problem for me back then.

    Thanks for including a card from someecards, I love that site and have pondered getting actual cards from them for the next holiday season.

  2. I’ll hang out with you if you don’t mind hanging around someone with a snot-nose, an aching sore throat and who can barely talk.

    And, you can pick your nose if you want.

    Just don’t pick mine.

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