no. 599 – No Update as of Yet

Sorry to say, there has been nothing publicly announced in regards to the adoption issue from my last post. I fear that even if the Nebraska Children’s Society failed to get anything documented and signed, the birth mother may still decide to retain custody of the boy. I guess if she does it within the time-frame allotted to her, there’s nothing else that can be done.

I’m not a child psychologist, and while I understand the concept of bonding, I don’t know how much of that comes into play when the baby is three months old. I’m sure it does a little, don’t get me wrong. Instead I worry more about this child when he gets older if he’s taken away from the couple, not because of potential bonding issues, but because he’s going to find out one way or another that at one time he had different parents. He had a baby sister*. It’s THAT kind of thing that will fuck with his mind.

Do you think his anger and confusion about all that will be directed towards the adoptive couple? Doubtfully. Instead he will probably find himself confused by the agenda of his birth mother and the agency, which I do believe negatively influenced the birth mother (earlier articles suggest that the adoptive mother told the still pregnant birth mother of her own pregnancy and seemed to be fine with it).

It’s an ugly situation, and regardless of what happens, Nebraska Children’s Society will be cast in an ugly light, and rightfully so.


* Correction: baby brother