no. 603 – “I Love My Computer Because My Friends Live In It”


Today I am happy. I’ve noticed that little by little I’m sloughing off some of the fear and depression. Today I am able to look at my calendar and notice that it’s been 16 weeks since our donor’s egg retrieval. And each day was made just a little easier, a little brighter, by those of you who have tolerated my incessant whining, which I promise won’t stop, and even indulged my comment-whoring.

I don’t believe I would have made it here without you. I’m sure I would have given up ages ago.

Suz from Within the Woods recently passed her Best Blogging Buddies Award unto me, which is such an honor as she was (and still is) my inspiration. Now while I understand I need to pass this on, to pick just a handful seems so incredible restrictive. What makes the "Best"? Best comments? Best email exchanges? Best because they’ve been with me for over two years?

On the other hand, does it matter? How about because these people consistently rock my world?

Many of you may not even recognize some of these blog names. Most of them are "Old School" bloggers who have been doing their thing before I even read my first blog two and half years ago, but they accepted my lame attempts at getting their attention and have, overall, given me the best blogging experiences I’ve had – which is the ability to laugh when I least expected it or when I least wanted to.

Thanks, ladies.

13 thoughts on “no. 603 – “I Love My Computer Because My Friends Live In It””

  1. Thanks so much, DD! You’re a great friend to have, and incredibly patient with my lingering absence. You know I’m still reading even if I don’t always comment.
    Much love. Mwah.

  2. Thank you so much. I am so incredibly honored, particularly since my posts since July have been so lame and infrequent. How sad is it (and a reflection on how infrequently I post) that I didn’t even recognize that I was on the list because I was still looking for Leggy. If I could only get a few decent nights sleep, I’d haeve the mental wherewithal to post. But alas, my babies don’t like to sleep and I’m too chicken to CIO and too tired to read about other alternatives.

  3. Awwww, thanks, sweetheart! The feeling is very, very mutual. And it’s so nice to hear that the clouds are beginning to part for you. I hope those moments become more and more common as your pregnancy progresses.

  4. Thanks so much. We all do what we can to make this journey a little richer and less lonely. Having a good time at it is icing on the cake. And an award, well, can icing have icing?

  5. Fuck yeah baby! Thank you for this. I can’t tell you how much I value my blog friends. In fact, I often refer to you all as if you were real-life friends. I hope that’s not too sad.

    Woo hoo. I’m off to celebrate by eating a piece of chocolate or something. I’m so feeling the love right now.

  6. A great majority of those authors are on my “go to list” as you are… my commenting has become even more sporadic than it was before, but I still read religiously.

    I recently told D about a “green ice hockey game” and asked if he wanted to go with my coworkers. I would be working but he could still go and have a good time. His response – “I hate crowds and I’m antisocial.” I commented that it’s a good thing someone hooked us up or we never would have found on another as both of us are antisocial and not all that in to going out.

    Thankfully – making friends on the internet is a lot easier than trying to get into the “club” in real life.

  7. Well thank-you for picking more than just a handful or I dare say that I would have been cast aside with nary a second thought. So I may have made it by the skin of my teeth but me thinks I will go out and purchase a t-shirt emblazened with “DinoD – I made the list”.

    You know I still read all the time but I just don’t comment very often. My daughter is.. how to but it… rather demanding. I think I deserve it after how easy my son was.

    Take care DD. I did make the list, right? It wasn’t just a joke?


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