no. 606 – You Guys Are So Smart!

Ask me about reproduction and I can give you all the clinical babble of ovulation, corpus luteum, luteal phase, progesterone, hCG, etc., etc.

Now ask me about pregnancy.




Yep, that’s uncharacteristic silence on my end.

It matters not that I’ve had a term pregnancy before. I just followed along in the book from month to month about what is expected. The book found it’s way to the trash a couple years ago and out of superstition, I just cannot get another.

That’s why after your comments about anterior placentas, I googled my brains out. It makes sense now to me. Plus I know that kind of information probably isn’t in any book, especially one rendered in watercolor with a very pregnant woman in a nightdress rubbing her abdomen absently with a quilt illustrated background *gah!*.

By the way, do you all know what anterior placenta means? It means that if you had x-ray vision and was able to view my gelatin-like abdomen, the placenta is between you and Murdock. In most cases, the placenta is behind the baby, attached to the uterus like a bean bag between the spine and baby.

Now I have no idea if that’s what I have, but I’m clinging to that thought for the next six days. My anatomy scan is next Tuesday. I’ll find out then if my placenta is indeed anterior and if Murdock is developing normally or if s/he is possibly going to end up like this "baby". Download walmart.wmv

8 thoughts on “no. 606 – You Guys Are So Smart!”

  1. Dear DD, my placenta was anterior and I couldn’t feel the baby until way past week 20. So it makes sense that you could have that. It’s good in a way — I was never in as much pain as other women towards the end there, because the placenta was cushioning everything.

  2. Mine is anterior and slightly high and I still feel kicking but it’s harder to sense sometimes deponding on the spot. As Murdock gets bigger, it will change, and you will have more spots to feel it and check it out.

  3. For questions like that, my birth board on was quite helpful. Actually, I found the Plus Size and Pregnant board to be much more helpful. Those ladies know every single thing about pregnancy.

  4. oh, I forgot to add – you’ve had other U/S yes? Can you call them and ask about the placement? That way you wouldn’t have to wait another week.

  5. I ditto the anterior placenta. I had that and during my 18wk U/S watched K kick away inside and felt absolutely nothing – to the amazement of the U/S Tech.

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