no. 607 – Adrienne & Shelli

I really don’t know what to say. Oro pointed me in the direction of this fairly new blog, written by Adrienne who discovered that she lost her baby girl, Claire, around her 36th week. I don’t know if the author will be back, but as Oro pointed out, it’d be nice if she saw the support this community can offer at such a sad time.

Also, Shelli had her second ultrasound and her baby’s heart had stopped beating sometime after her 6w+ scan last week and today. Shelli, I am so very and truly sorry.

One thought on “no. 607 – Adrienne & Shelli”

  1. Wow. The first one just feels unreal – to start blogging and just over a week later to lose the baby so far along…wow.

    God – I was so naive when I was pregnant with my daughter. I never worried about how often she moved, or if anything was wrong. I don’t know if I’d ever be able to feel so secure again.

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