no. 608 – The Goodyear Blimp, It Is Not

Every Monday, XBoy’s class gets to go to the library at school and pick out a book for the week. Books have been integral to our routine over the years, but I have to admit that since he started Kindergarten and the proceedings to emancipate himself from Mom and Dad, the nightly readings of three books have turned into a mighty fuss and roar about whether or not he needs to wear pajamas, brush his teeth and straighten his room all followed by him passing out in an exhausted heap.

He’s already brought home two versions of the Bible, elementary style. He liked the illustrations.

And then Stiletto mentioned something about one of the books The Boy brought home from school and it reminded me of one of XBoy’s recent acquisitions:

Hindenburg Ummmm, call me a little overprotective of my sweet, darling baby boy, but is this the kind of book a librarian should steer an impressionable six year old towards?

It’s got pictures of severely burned passengers in it.

It’s got pictures of the cloth covered bodies in it.

Actually, I don’t know if he knew that or not as he never opened it while it was in our house, but I did sit down and read most of it myself (too bad about that whole helium vs. hydrogen business because it really does sound like a nice way to travel).

The week before it was a book about the different kinds of lightning there are. That one I ended up reading cover to cover for him, but only because it had really large font and the words were on one page and really cool pictures were on the opposite. Go ahead – quiz me about lightning. For that matter, go ahead and quiz me about the Hindenburg. I wonder if I can get him to bring home a pregnancy book…

By the way, does anyone else see the irony in the instructional books for teaching your child how to read "phonetically"?