no. 609 – Rorschach Test

Got the message loud and clear: I’m boring the shit out of you. I can appreciate that after two and half years of "something" going on, my writing about Nothing is sending you off to greener pastures and acute narcolepsy.

So fine, I’ll talk about the pregnancy by answering your unanswered questions:

Have you picked out any baby names? I have one name for one sex and I guarantee everyone will most likely hate it. I’m so confident in that, I haven’t even told Mr. DD but it’s one of my maternal grandparent’s name who died when my Mom was only three.

What are the colors in the "nursery"? It is still the spare bedroom and will be for sometime as we will probably just put the baby in a drawer or laundry basket in our room until s/he outgrows it. When s/he get evicted from there, the room will be yellow – which is its current color.

Have you told anyone else? I haven’t, but Mr. Big Mouth did. Sunday after we told his parents he spent the day sending pictures of ultrasounds and texting his siblings and nieces and nephews. I was livid since my mother doesn’t get back until next week from Jordan so no one on my side of the family knows yet.

Are you still not going to find out the sex? I would like to, but Mr. BM (well that’s fitting) remains fixed in his opinion. No, I’m sure I couldn’t find out and not give it away. Could you?

Tuesday is the anatomy scan. We will record a bit of it on tape to show XBoy. I thought about bringing him, but if Murdock ends up being a lizard instead of a normal looking baby, I’m going to be in no mood to explain why at that moment.

Last question: What’s been the grossest thing about pregnancy?

Sweat-stained knickers.

Kinda looked like a butterfly.

17 thoughts on “no. 609 – Rorschach Test”

  1. Dear Buterfly Britches,
    You are far from boring. So lets see… odd names… I’m trying to guess but all the good ones are taken. G wanted to name J “Hank” because it sounded so cool at the time.
    Will be thinking of you on Tuesday, let us know how it goes!
    (Niobe – I had a relative named Dorcas. I called her brother Doofus, because I never could resist cemetery humor…)

  2. The name I have picked is Angus. I love it. MFH loves it. Everyone else just cringes. Eff ’em, I say.

    Of course, now that I named my black lab exactly that, it seems a moot point.

  3. Definitely not boring. In my case comments are few and far between these days because I’m going to bed a lot earlier (except tonight ;-), and have crazy things going on in the rest of my life. Not bad crazy, just very very busy.

  4. Now I’m trying to think of names that people wouldn’t like. Maybe Hortense? Dorcas? Though I actually think that both of those names are kind of cool, I’d be concerned about the all-too-obvious potential for nasty nicknames.

  5. I think it’s funny that people (mainly family) think they can weigh in on the names you’ve chosen for YOUR offspring.

    So is it old-fashioned? Martha? Florence? Loretta? Doris? Ethel? Mabel?

    As for the underwear thing. You are wonderfully disgusting. This is why I kind of love you.

  6. Yeah, you’re sooooo boring that I only check your blogs multiple times everyday (because I’m too lazy and stupid to figure out how to be notified when you update) and when I’m bummed that there’s nothing new, I have to remind myself that you actually have a real life!

    I’m dying to know the name, but if I were you I wouldn’t share. I made the mistake of telling my mother and she HATED it. It was Lena which I don’t think is so horrible. We were so disappointed. Although I have to say that Elise fits her so much better.

    If BM gets to tell everyone before you’re ready shouldn’t you get to find out the gender (if you really want to)?

  7. Boring? You? Honey, I’m sorry to have to burst your bubble like that, but you just don’t have what it takes.

    So I’m really curious about this awful name. And you blamed me for calling my child Cabana? Glass houses, hmmmm?

    So BM is a big leaker, but a non-leakee? Too bad. But maybe, just maybe, you’ll be flashed on Tuesday, and then it won’t be anybody’s fault but little Cuthbert’s. But flash or no, I am so excited about Tuesday — I’m all atingle with hope…

    I know what you’re talking about with the panty Rorschach… blech. But just add that to the ever-expanding tally of pregnancy indignities…

    You sound better, though. Are you better?

  8. I’m dying to know the name.

    C. and I can’t agree on any names. Not that we have anyone to name, but still it seems sad that we can’t agree on any.

    Given my approach to wifing lately, I would ignore the husbands request to be surprised and no I couldn’t hide it but I wouldn’t care so that’s OK.

    I am a bitchy wife.

    (I’m guessing you’d rather I skip commenting on bitchy days but I didn’t want you to think you were boring me. 🙂

  9. I had a name that everyone hated for my son when I was pregnant with teh twins. Nobody liked it except my husband my dad and I. I didn’t use it. : (

    Pantiliners are a girls best 9 month friend.

  10. So what IS this name that everyone will hate?
    Or for a girl perhaps Satanelle?

    I think you should find out & keep it a secret. Just tell me. nobody else.

    HA!! The sweat stains? Wait until June. The drive from daycare to home is only about 15 minutes & I would get out of the car & look like
    I pissed my pants. Something to look forward to.

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