no. 611 – It’s Not a Gecko

My ultrasound today did not reveal a being with a prehensile tail and stubby limbs to explain why I have felt no movement. Instead we saw measurements taken on the hemispheres of a brain; a four-chambered heart; and two kidneys. We saw kneecaps, femurs, humeri and even five teeny-tiny toes of one foot.

Murdock is measuring exactly where s/he should in gestational age and approximately 12oz. And even though a great deal of squirming was caught on the screen, I may as well have been watching someone else’s ultrasound images. It was confirmed that my placenta is indeed right on top ("top" as in the belly button would be the skylight) and it will take some considerably powerful kicks for me to feel them at first. The tech thought that I would probably start to feel them more towards the sides.

We never got to enjoy this part with XBoy. When the screen came back as positive and we were sent on a whirlwind of subsequent testing which resulted in an amnio, we were too frazzled and too inexperienced to know not to lay too much belief in the original screens, which commonly come back with false-positives.

Routine appointment in another four weeks. I feel very, very lucky right now.