no. 612 – Several Notes of (Un)Importance

My mom returns from Jordan tonight. She’ll be at our house sometime tomorrow. I don’t know how she’s going to respond to our announcment, but I guarantee there will be a memorable quote from her. I just can’t guarantee it will be positive.


XBoy spied the ultrasound pics laying up in the front of the car from the backseat and exclaimed, "Are those pictures of the baby?!" Most people can’t tell what the heck they are looking at when it comes to ultrasounds, but he did. I’m pretty proud of that little shit.


After the Apocalypse (aka Garage Sale), we have only a crib and dresser with changing table left. (Note to Statia: our rollers wore out on the drawers and finding replacements has been a bitch. (We have the same brand of dressers.)) The crib is at my SILs (who will become a grandma 3x over in the time we’ve been pursuing a viable pregnancy), but the soonest we would need that is in the fall. I tried looking at Babies R Us, but I start to hyperventilate and click the X at the top-right of the web-page after only a few minutes.


A different vehicle for me has been the topic of conversation in our house for a couple of years now. I thought I wanted a Highlander so I went to test-drive one. Mr. DD said to test-drive a Sienna, just for shits and giggles, so I did – very reluctantly. I’m not a mini-van kind of gal. I must admit shamefacedly, that I fell in love with the Sienna. Ask me in a couple more years where we’re at then because I guarantee I’ll change my mind – again – before any decision will be made.


I want to revamp my blog (I’m all about "change" right now except when it comes to accommodating the "change" that could possibly happen in July), but would like your opinion through the poll below. I admit I get a warm-fuzzy seeing my blog in a side-bar, but I don’t know if that’s just my vanity or if it’s a blogging-given.


13 thoughts on “no. 612 – Several Notes of (Un)Importance”

  1. On the blogroll issue: As long as the color scheme doesn’t hurt my eyes and there aren’t a zillion things in the sidebar, I like reading other people’s blogrolls.

  2. One thing you absolutely need to do, even if it means buying a rear-facing car seat just for a test drive and then returning, is to install the rear-facing car seat and test drive the car with the car seat in it. Whoever is normally going to sit in the front passenger seat needs to sit there for the test drive.

    My Volvo XC90 couldn’t fit the rear-facing car seat in the back and a front passenger over 5’5″ at the same time. Your knees would be jammed up against the dash.

    We ended up trading it in for Scion XD which actually fits the car seat slightly better. Eventually we WILL be getting a minivan. We will probably go with the Honda Odyssey.

  3. Okay. I love my Odyssey. LOVE IT!

    The ride is wonderful and all the extra techie features have my heart.

    Ditto on what Cat said about BRU 😉

  4. Good luck with your Mom. Joe tried to talk me into a minivan after Will. My Hyundai Accent *was* a bit small for all of us, but I’d never admit that to him. I LOVED my little Hyundai. 25 bucks filled the tank & I got GREAT gas mileage.

    I think I surprised him a little when I went for the Explorer. Granted, it doesn’t have automatic doors, or a dvd player, but I really like driving it & I can get all the beach crap into it, 2 weeks worth of groceries & a stroller.

    If you ever get around to setting up a “wish-list” on B-R-U, I hope you’ll let us know.

  5. My in laws have a sienna and I also like it but would never tell them. I cannot have a minivan, I know someday I may have to, but for now? I am too young and hottttt. : )

  6. Good for Xboy! My mom couldn’t even figure that one out.

    I just got a Highlander a few months ago and I LOVE it! I didn’t try the Sienna though, so maybe I would have loved that even more.

  7. What Heather said . . .

    I said yes to the sidebar even though I myself have never bother since moving blogs. Too lazy.

    I’m looking at the RAV4 and the SantaFe. You know, in case I never get picked, I don’t want to be be a childless soccer mom. And both those have a roofrack for a kayak.

    My good SIL has Toyot@’s mini van and LOVES it.

  8. I voted for liking to see my blog, but I’m a total hypocrite because I don’t have a blogroll on my blog. I do have a link to my bloglines though…does that count a little bit?

  9. Have you tried contacting the company directly? That’s good to know though, because man, how many times do you open those fuckers in a kids first couple of years.

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