award7.jpgaward6.jpgaward5.jpgaward4.jpgaward3.jpgaward2.jpgaward1.jpg  These are some of the things that were on the web-site as “rewards” for employees where I work. While there’s quite a variety of things, I pulled these as my favorites. I have to narrow it down to one.

Actually, YOU are going to help me narrow it down to one.

Whatever item gets the most votes will be the one I get, so follow the link and begin your voting pleasure! (btw, I have this poll set up so you can’t see what’s getting the most votes)

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22 thoughts on “PICK MY PRIZE”

  1. Hey thats the same kitchen knife set I have…got it at walmart. hehhehe…
    love the minivan thing on the other site, forwarded it to all my friends!

  2. I wasn’t exactly clear on what the cleaning service reward was — a discount or a one (or several)-time housecleaning. But I picked it anyway even before I read the comments and saw that everyone else did too.

  3. cleaning – if it is a complete clean and not just money towards a clean, or a percentage off. the headlamp is kinda cool though!!

  4. An iron? The fuck? What, do the employers of the world hate their employees or what? “Here, buddy, have an iron”?

    Oh yeah-and the cleaning service. That’d be the choice.

  5. Is the cleaning service every week or a one off? If its just the once, take the iron, but only if its a good un, I’ve changed mine four times this year because they were all so crappy!

    I have no idea what that blue and red gizmo is, nor the last one?.

    If not good kitchen knives are indispensable for a good cook, providing you do cook ;).


  6. I couldn’t even see the other things once I saw that cleaning was one of the prizes. I almost started hyperventilating. If you pick anything else, we may have to have you committed. 😉

  7. I’m with the rest on the cleaning service. I think that stuff like this should be used to splurge on things you would never do otherwise 🙂 I recently got something similar at work, and I think that a cleaning service is a fantastic idea, I’m going to go and see if that’s an option for me!

  8. First glance, I’d say the cleaning service. But you picked the silver salad set even though you acknowledge that you won’t use them much, and I think everyone should have something pretty
    …even if you don’t use it much.

  9. I would SO get the cleaning service, and then save it until July. You know, just in case you don’t really feel much like cleaning in July…

  10. OK, I can only narrow it down to two: earrings, I always love earrings . . . or the merrry maids. I hate cleaning even more than I love earrings.

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