no. 619 – Hypothetical Blasphemy

Have you ever had to go pee so badly but had to hold it because you were either in a car with no rest areas in sight or a meeting that drones on and on so that by the time you get to go you swear you saw God, or at least heard angels sing?

OK. I’m done talking about religion now, I swear.

In other news, I will try my ever-lovin’ hardest not to end up as a story on this site since it appears to be an almost certainty that I will be going from a soccer-mom-mobile driver to an ugly-tailgating, merge-deficient,  and self-absorbed, minivan driver. Not much different than my blogging, really.

4 thoughts on “no. 619 – Hypothetical Blasphemy”

  1. I’m a minivan driver too. Not my first choice, but our options were limited and my inlaws passed it on to us so we can’t really complain. It’s a nice ride, but damn it’s ugly. Not even a good color. Took me months to realize I wasn’t driving my little Civic anymore and that I could no longer make quick lane changes.

  2. I have some nice happy girl skull decals on my minivan…which I call the Rock-n-Roll MV. They are little and on the corner of each window with little bone bows on their heads…the kids love when I bark a tire in it as we blast AC/DC.

    I kid you not.

    It will be ok if you get an mv too. I’ll get ya some skulls for it and a bumper sticker that says “My kid can kick your honor roll kid’s ass.”

  3. I once was late to a family dinner after having had two margaritas with friends plus a lot of water. No time to stop at the restroom on my way out of restaurant #1 or risk being even later to restaurant #2 so I chanced it. By the time I got to the second restaurant, I was literally walking doubled over. When I finally got to the restaurant, I timed myself (because it’s interesting) and peed for 39 seconds. I think that may be a world record.

  4. Nothing says you have to end up like this….you could get a really cool mom SUV…and frankly out where you are, you can justify it. I, in my urban area, cannot.

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