• 30 votes – cleaning Service
  • 9 votes – knife set
  • 5 votes – “head light”
  • 5 votes – iron
  • 1 vote – salad serving set
  • 1 vote – earrings
  • 1 vote – horse shoe game 
    • 52 total votes 

I think that’s what we call a “landslide” in the voting department. Shall I now give you what could be the bad news? The GC for the cleaning is just for $25.00. But that’s fine with me. Now I have to figure out when I want it done.

I thought about using it as part of my “spring cleaning”, which doesn’t seem to be any different than my usual lame attempts at monthly  weekly cleaning the house. How sad is it that when I come home from work, I sit down and watch a little TV (CSI Las Vegas, thank you). Not just that, but while I’m sitting there, becoming one with the loveseat, I can see out of the corner of my eye, the dusty film building up on our entryway floor.

It’s at the point I calculate the amount of dust that certainly must be all over the house. It’s just an unfortunate fact that hardwood flooring shows off that dust in all it’s glory. Lord, I hate cleaning.

Maybe things wouldn’t be so bad except we live on a hill, in the middle of a prairie with nary a yard in sight. Any sand and dirt that blows somehow accumulates safely in our house through the smallest and most insignificant openings.

My dream for a grassy backyard instead of what currently now appears to be a beachy retreat will probably remain on hold this summer. While I don’t have the same great aspirations for expanding on the landscaping we started last year, I have already purchased a new tree and another flat of ornamental grass. Who will plant any of this stuff?

I’ll just let you know this: if you stop by my house sometime this May or June and think you see a ginormous pot-bellied pig holding a shovel and wearing the most obnoxious yellow crocs you’ve seen in your life, that’d be me.

Inside the house, you may just find a bevvy of model-ishess women in frilly aprons and armed with ostrich feather dusters happily sucking up my cleaning gift-certificate within 15 minutes.

No rest for the wicked, as they say.

8 thoughts on “THE RESULTS ARE IN”

  1. I warn you… cleaning services are addictive. Once they come once you will never want to be without them again. We have one that comes every 2 weeks. It is HEAVENLY. I would give up LOTS of things before I would ever give them up!! 🙂

  2. I had such high hopes for the head light as I think that’s what I voted for… As for the $25 – make them scrub your bathroom or another place that drives you bonkers to clean. I’d rent out my mom to you as she LOVES to clean and I think Xboy would have a fabulous time with her, but the whole distance thing is a bit restrictive. That and flying her on a plane would most likely yield someone being arrested.

    Enjoy your GC.

  3. Oh you slay me! Seriously, deal with the dust in the most efficient way, get a Dyson and suck that dust up. And I agree about the $25 being spent on something that is very hard to do.

  4. Just think of one of the household chores that makes you want to sink further into the loveseat to avoid doing…let them do that thing. For me, it would be $25 of shower cleaning.

  5. I would elect that they scrub my kitchen floor with that 25.00. I HATE to do it and I refuse to actually do anything more than swiffer wet…so it would be nice to have them come scrub JUST that! (Or the tub…eww…the tub)

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