no. 630 – Is MYODB an Appropriate Answer?

One of my friends/coworkers had a business lunch with a couple of women from another department. One of the women asked my friend if my pregnancy was an "oops" or was it planned.

Thank god she was the one asked that question because I’m sure I would have answered, "It could be considered an ‘oopsy’ if I had wandered into a darkened room, tired and needing a nap and fell into a valium-induced conscious sedation, spread-eagled and bottomless, on an exam table with my feet resting comfortably in some stirrups….and if four other people with masks wandered in and just figured every vagina looks alike via a ultrasound wand….and the embryologist accidentally slipped some fertilized embryos from a pipette into my uterus…"

Yep. That’d be one hell of an accident. I’m trying to cut her some slack because not EVERYONE knows, right?

I guess I’m irked since the woman who asked has absolutely no personal interest in me, or at least has never shown it much less acknowledged my existence. Purely juvenile snoopiness.

Maybe I should ask her to be the baby’s Godmother since she’s suddenly taken an interest in my gestational status?


A couple of you remembered I had my 24 week OB appointment yesterday. I didn’t mention it because it was uneventful, if not downright dull. Weight OK. Blood pressure OK. Uterine growth OK. I did ask for an iron screen, which came back ever-so-slightly below my doc’s preference so I’ve been given a script for an iron supplement.

I return April 30th at which time I will get another ultrasound to make sure Murdock is on target for growth and I go through the glucose screening. We even threw a couple of dates out there for the c-section (no VBAC for me and I have no desire to even try). He’s thinking about 7 days from the due date, but that could be problematic since I went into labor with XBoy 10 days early.

Maybe I should worry about getting through April, May and June first, huh?


Things must be fairly tame around here since I haven’t udpated my password protected blog. Of course, I’m sure I’ve just jinxed myself.


Remember how Mr. DD asked me to wait on buying any baby-related stuff? I just found out that my little impulse buying behavior is nothing compared to his: he bought a frickin scissor-lift from ebay a few weeks ago and I just found out. A scissor-lift! Yeah, like he’s going to have any time this summer to be messing with shop projects. What a twit. It’s a good thing I love him.

13 thoughts on “no. 630 – Is MYODB an Appropriate Answer?”

  1. I’ve had a few sideways glances combined with the ‘the timing’s kind of off, isn’t it’.

    I mean, really.

    It must be nice to be so sure that you can control when you conceive that you’ve got time to tell a stranger which month is best to give birth,


  2. Boring. Dull. Tame. All good words to hear in my book! I’m glad the pg are going well.

    I haaate gossips, have NO patience for it whatsoever. I think she would deserve an answer like that, if you asked me!

    I am a little flabbergasted about the scissor lift. Did it cost less to buy it + insulation than have someone else do the job? Of course, that said, I am a total die-hard DIY-er, so I can respect him wanting to do it that way.

  3. MYODB is extremely appropriate.I would be inclined to say MYOFB- but I’m crude like that.It would be good if you had a chance to answer though. I would like to be a fly on the wall for that 🙂
    Glad everything went well with the OB appt.
    And finally- pray tell me what Mr DD is going to do with the scissor lift?

  4. Oh, I thought he was going to paint the “Creation of Adam” on your ceiling.

    I had a co-worker tell me that he was an “oops” pregnancy and that his mother and father never had sex (no penetration or “dry humping”.. yes, I asked him that to clarify) but their genitalia, “lined up” (his words) and he was conceived. He seemed to imply that his father’s semen floated out of the penis, landed on his mother’s pubic area and swam into her vagina and fertilized the egg.

    Please tell her next time she does/says something stupid (because you know she will) to MYODB.

  5. My husband built a “shop” building on the acreage. It needs to be insulated from top to bottom and he plans on doing it himself. Hence, the scissor lift since it can “safely” reach to the ceiling of the shop.

    I say safely since I rode up in it. No. thank. you.

  6. um, maybe this is a dumb question but what does he plan to do with the scissor lift?

    glad to hear everything was uneventful.

  7. Please promise me that you WILL tell the next nosy person that answer! 🙂

    I had a scheduled section after my first one–best decision I ever labor to try and fail yet again.

  8. Dull at this point is good! And what a tool – who asks a question like about anyone over the age of 20? Even then it is no one’s business.

  9. Seriously, how is that type of question EVER appropriate? I wouldn’t even ask a close friend that. I figure if something is any of your business, the involved party will share it.

    I’m constantly asked if I’m planning to have any more kids. Often by people I hardly know (I guess because people I do know are a little more sensitive to my reproductive abilities). Uh, newsflash to the world, not all of us have magial ovaries and uteruses and can plan a pregnancy and have it happen. I guess people assume because I have a baby it must have been easy to get her here.

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