14 thoughts on “no. 632 – I’m in Lust”

  1. Buy them in June and wear them later. I fully intend on buying myself a push gift in October after this one comes! Well, I guess it’s really not a “push” gift since it will more than likely be a c-sect. hahaha.

    Those shoes are so hot!

  2. Buy them! For me, because I can never have stylish shoes. My feet are so effin’ big the only shoes that come in my size are five inch purple and orange snakeskin stilletos (aka transvestite shoes)

    So I say get them if they’ll work on your feet.

    Me, I love diamonds because they always come in my size and they NEVER make me look fat.

  3. I have to say I share you affliction but not for these babies. I’ve got my eye on a pair of CL Chinese Laundry shoes I saw in a magazine and they are SOLD OUT on their website. They are called UTMOST. AAAARGH, the injustice.

  4. I have to say that I’m not a fan. Sorry. For lack of a better description, they look “chunky” to me.

    Maybe it’s just my brain being jealous that my fat foot would never fit in something so nice. LOL.

  5. Now c’mon ladies. That really isn’t any more than a 3″ heel because it’s “platformed”. See where your foot actually sits? That’s got to be about 3/4 inch, a total to be subtracted off the heel.

    This is why all women should take ballroom dance lessons. Once you learn to dance (quickly) backwards, walking in something like this is cake.

  6. Every woman deserves a “Good God, I just had what come out of me?” gift to herself for after she gives birth.

    That said, I would hurt myself and probably a few other people if I tried to stand up in those.

  7. Ooooh, pretty.
    I wish I could wear shoes like that.
    I broke my ankle (softball) and had to have bone-graph surgery to reapir it. My D.O. had told me that I was not to wear heels over 1 inch.

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