no. 634 – ** 44 **

I’ve been blogging since Summer 2005 so I didn’t get to wish a Happy 41st Birthday that year to Mr. DD.

April 2006, I was "enjoying" IVF number two and his 42nd was mentioned only in passing.

April 2007, for his 43rd Birthday, I shared this picture I used in the local paper for his 40th. He swears I photo-shopped the second from the left picture. I swear I didn’t. See prior post for hair reference.

April 2008. Today. Mr. DD is 44. He lamented this age by reminding me that when Murdock turns 16, he will be 60. While we both wish we would have started a family earlier, we have been able to take pleasure in acting out the things that Kindergartners enjoy…like potty jokes, burping contests and blaming farts on each other.

Maybe at 60, Mr. DD will get a kick out of showing Murdock how to convert a muscle car into 4WD. He did it once, why not again?

He doesn’t read here even though he knows about my blog, but someday when I convert this all to Blurb, I want him to know that I think of him with love and frustration and joy and irritation every single day.

Happy Birthday, Mr. DD.

13 thoughts on “no. 634 – ** 44 **”

  1. We can get Mr. DD and Angus together, then. Angus is about to turn 46. He looks at his 6 month old babies and occasionally freaks out about it.

    Happy Birthday, Mr. DD!

  2. Happy Birthday Mr. DD as for being 60 when Murdock is 16… my dad was approaching that number as well when I hit 16 and let me just say it made him the best dad – he was laid back enough that things didn’t phase him and open to all the new possibilities by not only looking towards the future but also remembering the past. I think you’ll be able to do that as well!

  3. Happy birthday, dear Mr. DD! (We’ve done the math too, and M will be 60 when Banana is 15. Murdock and Banana can compare notes on their geriatric parents — complete with the eye-rolling that teenagers love to engage in. It won’t bother us when they’re off in a corner soiling our names, because we’ll be too deaf to understand what they’re saying.)

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