no. 642 – Wrapping It Up

The pictures are scheduled Thursday evening. Each session is only 10 minutes long so I know it’s not going to be an elaborate set up. I appreciate y’all weighing in either by vote or comment or both. We’ll go with the majority vote and once we get the picture, I’ll show you the final results.

It was also nice to hear from several of you that I haven’t for a while. It’s often pointed out that the best way to get comments is to bemoan the fact that you aren’t getting comments. I’ll try not to do it too often, potentially wearing out the pity-factor.

I guess I’m lucky that there’s nothing else going on to warrant pity or empathy. Case in point: last night I realized that thinking of the time remaining on this pregnancy in a "count down" manner is more encouraging than thinking in either "three more months" or counting up to 40 weeks.

That means next week, once I make it through my 28 wk growth scan, I’ll have just 11 weeks to go, max. While of course I’m feeling anticipatory, I’m also a little scared.