no. 644 – Pimping the Etsy

Right before the Holiday season, I acquired my very own etsy account so I can do some Christmas shopping. I completely underachieved and only purchased one item, this blockprint on red paper for my bicycling-crazed sister. While my Mom was a little freaked out by it, my sister LOVED it. She’s weird (and cool) that way.

Recently I started shopping for a checkbook cover. Yes, I still write checks. The sun goes behind the clouds, flowers die, and the poppers and lockers all freeze in unison when I whip out my checkbook. I don’t care and most merchandisers around here don’t mind, either, figuring it’s better than me offering a dozen eggs, a slaughtered calf or pickled pigs feet in exchange for their services. This is rural Nebraska, after all.

But because I refuse to be of the norm, my checkbooks are of the top-stub type. Carbon checks are a royal pain in the ass because by the time you get to the 49th check, the carbons below have been all but obliterated. However, the problem I have with top-stub checks is finding a checkbook cover for them since they are too big for the cute ones found in department stores. The last cover I bought was from ebay: a horribly dull, black, “leather” cover that has become so abused that the “leather” is fraying around the edges and the black has cracked to brown. Yucky.

I checked ebay once again, sadly resigned to have to buy yet another dull cover, when I thought about looking on etsy. I found some perfectly gorgeous covers…for the standard checkbook. Taking a chance, I contacted Lori, shop owner of Thirty One 13 Designs about my dilemma.

She replied immediately and was positive she could create something up for me. Once I sent the dimensions and fabric preference, she whipped one up, just for little ol’ me.

Il_fullxfull And here it is. Isn’t it adorable?! So even though I’m holding up the line of 50 people at Target, they can all be swooning over my checkbook cover.