no. 647 – Sugar Buzz Kill

Just wrapped up my 28w appointment. Fun facts?

Failed my glucose screening by one measly point. That’s right. I’ve earned a three-hour visit to the hospital because I scored 131. I knew I shouldn’t have had that bowl of cereal before chugging (and burping) my way through that nasty so-called drink.

Murdock’s kidney size is just a scosch out of wonk. My OB explained that they see this in about 5-10% of prenates and almost all concerns are alleviated by the time of the birth. Nonetheless, it has earned me yet another scan later.

Speaking of size, Murdock is measuring approximately three days ahead of gestational age. Apparently, that is OK.

My iron levels are still low so my attempt to bring it up by not filling out the iron supplements script from a month ago and getting iron supplemented chewables didn’t work. Suckage.

Lastly, I have to admit that at our 20w ultrasound I would have hedged my bets that Murdock was a girl. I now have to say I’m betting a boy. I had a girl’s name picked out. Now I have to seriously consider a boy’s. Coming up with one that strikes us both as "perfect" as XBoy’s is going to be difficult. Maybe something that reflects Murdock’s rural roots, like Hoss (I graduated with a Hoss), Virgil, or Bubba (which actually is more of a "southern" name). Feel free to make your own stereotypical suggestions.

I’m going to lay down now. I’m coming off a nasty glucose high.

no. 646 – Wishing You Peace

We come in awe-inspiring numbers, sisters in arms, for the cycles, repeated treatments, changes in treatments and sadly for the some of the infant loss, miscarriages and failed cycles.

We come in less numbers, hesitantly, for the positive pregnancy test, rising betas and heartbeats.

We come in even less numbers, sporadically, with feelings of obligation, to commiserate over the fears, doubts and questions that surround a burgeoning pregnancy.

We come but some, whether in anger or resentment or self-preservation, leave.

And yes, I do take it to heart, and if I didn’t say something, it would hurt that much longer.